Wednesday , May 18 2022

Government to accept response to new cases of HIV


The fact is that "the [do VIH] By going into another population typology from a given population we lead to accepting answers and focus on the evolution and transmission of illness. [VIH] The other population groups, "the governor said during a visit to the Villa Nova de Gaia's northern rehabilitation center in Oporto district.

Last year, more than 1,000 new cases of HIV infection appeared in Portugal, in which the age group of 25 to 29 years of age was found to be the highest rate of new diagnosis.

According to the "HIV and AIDS Infections" report for 2017, which will be presented by the National Institute of Health Doctor Ricardo George, last year there were 1,068 new HIV diagnoses last year, consistent with rates of 10.4 new cases per year. Is there. 100 thousand inhabitants.

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The percentage of new cases of HIV transmission has already been registered to inject drug users, which is the most influential in cases of heterosexual sexual transmission, he says.

Marta Tamidos said that the Directorate General of Health works "on a permanent basis" on this issue, in which cases the increase is a "negative signal" which needs to be turned back.

"As the evolution of disease therapy evokes some prejudice with it, and therefore, we can imagine that this small level of care can be taken in some population levels, which leads to delays in its identities." .

Despite the "negative" sign of new cases of HIV infection, the minister emphasized "good news", that means drug users reduce the disease in injections.

"This is a good news and it shows that when we focus on a specific situation, we achieve positive results, however, we should pay attention to less positive signs.

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