Monday , August 2 2021

"Improvement of tape deadline is one of the main objectives"

According to the company,From September this year, there has been an increase of 17%", From 50.6% to 67.7%.

"This week [a pontualidade] Continuous 90%"Abellio Martins added to Lusya.

The airline's sales and marketing manager said that "TAP's timeout improvement is one of the company's main objectives. Therefore, we are investing significantly in improving it, with visual sight. Last year, and when there was no improvement at Lisbon airport, we have implemented the steps in various fields of action by increasing the infrastructure, systems, processes and recruitment.".

Then he suggested some of these steps. For example, in the history of tapes after summer, there are two reserve plains for the first time, in an intermediate course and on a long journey.

It also "New Operations Space"IOC (Integrated Operations Control Center), which focuses on major operational areas: Operations Control Center (CCO), Maintenance Control Center (CCM), Passenger Coordination Center (CCP) Executive Dispatch and Portugal, contact between the area's personnel and To simplify the conversation, "Make the ability to solve more instinctiveness and problem quickly and efficiently".

In relation to crew, alone this year, more than 340 pilots and 600 cabin crew members by tap, and between April and October "For reasons due to the company, 3.6% flights canceled, TAP, 0.7%".

Abillions Martins added that to reduce these measures, in almost 60%, the delay due to the crew's lack and allowing for the same reasons to end the flights cancellation.

New teams were also created for the management of each flight and "Handling team [que dão apoio a passageiros e bagagens em escala] Tools and Support Tools".

He also said that "A year ago, a new business tape, & # 39; Red Caps & # 39; Was born. Turnaround Coordinator (TARC) came to strengthen the Lisbon Hub team, with the aim of guaranteeing safety, timeouts and service quality. Today, there are 35 TAP employees who specially make a turnaround coordinator. The goal is to reach 50 TRCs by the end of 2018. The condition of the TAP is to periodically and to improve customer service".

TPA also invested "Many improvements to customer service levels"For example, with the onset of a special area for travelers traveling without traveling from the beginning of July – the full top of summer proceedings"To increase customer satisfaction, the whole process is made to simplify and periodically adjust the index".

Abigailes Martins also confirmed "We have also been able to reduce the number of bags lost by two-thirds by changing the process, which is now a residual value compared to the total number of carrying goods.".

It "Introducing the new luggage service, the 'Follow-My-Bag', which notifies the customer who has not sent your luggage, and can immediately fill up the registration of lost goods by email or SMS."He said.

As a result of these steps, accordingly, "The NPS ('Net Promoter's score', which measures customer satisfaction) has increased 7.2 points from June to mid-September related to boarding operations.".

With the introduction of a new class-size mid-course meal on October 28, tap "According to the NPS evaluation, additional customer satisfaction has increased by 40 points. That is, it went from a negative value to a very positive value"He said.

Waiting time for service in the Tape Contact Center was seven to two minutes.

And with these measures, he emphasizes, "The overall customer satisfaction index increased [até Novembro de 2018] About 40% in the previous year".

Last November 15, CEO of TAP Antonolodo Nevas said in Villa Nova de Guia that the delay in the company this year is 40 million euros from 2017.

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