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In the League Cup, V Vettulab won the scoring – National Team – Sports


Despite the fact that Tenellah has no goalkeeper to defeat the team, there are six tanks for the miners, Nazran has fallen down and lost to Vitória de Setúbal of Sporting Braga.

At Bonfmium Stadium, two coaches are & # 39; Extremely reserved. Tandela aimed at 45 + 1 minutes and Ricardo Alves in the 61st minute. 90 minutes for Spain, in Zanitinha transformed penalty.

The first 30 minutes of playing in an inactive manner. It was an invalid goal for Toleda. It was a 21-minute contest with Ricardo Alvaes in the season of goalkeeper Cristiano.

Surreal success was forced to change to the last day in accordance with the qualification decision of Sports de Bragg. In 35 minutes and 39 minutes, Jujor cadres wasted his opponents in the opposing side.

Tondla was in no mood, the first one from the last play, and went on to win the break. Within 45+ minutes, the Guinean Spokesman shot a powerful shot, and was unable to defend Cristianoon out of the area.

In the second half, the Victorians performed well. In the 61st minute, Richard Alves received a message from Joa Mendes.

In the 90th minute attempted to score a goal.

The game at the Boney Film Stadium at Seethullah.

1-2 to win the tenth

Intermittently: 0-1

0-1, Jaquité, 45 + 1 minute
0-2, Ricardo Alves, 61
1-2, zakani, 90 (penalty)


To overcome Sethabal

Alexander Freetas (Walda T, 73), Jhandar Cadiz (83), Rupen Michael, Sukhenha, Costa (Erasmus 62)


Milton Rafael, Gustavo Cascardo, Pedro Pinto, Eber Bessa, Erasmus, Alleaf, Wald Tea


Lita Vedical


Juanville (Bruno Monterero 69), Joa Mendes, Django, Delgado, Pitt (Antonio Xuir, 77), Christian Arano

Instead: Diogo Salva, Antonio Xavier, Patrick, Sergio Pena, Tomen, Jocosheno, Bruno Montero




Roue Costa (AF Portugal)

Disciplinary action

Kosnis (51), Jose Semedo (63), Ruben Michael (71), Pitt (72), Tombeng (83), Riccardo Costa


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