Thursday , June 8 2023

In the list of obsolete phones, iPhone 5 is officially supported by Apple – Technology


This is another period of Apple. As usual, as the newer generation of iPhone, the old models retired. After 6 years of launch, the iPhone 5 is no longer officially supported by the brand.

Considering an outdated, cell phone owners are no longer qualified from the parts of the manufacturer and services in Brazil and other parts of the world. According to Tedoodo, under the California law of the United States, local law.

In 2012, the phone drew larger screen attention to the successor of iPhone 4's, 4 inch, and finished the new design aluminum. Another variation of the era and period is the color variation of the 5 C, which is sold in blue, green, yellow, white and pink colors.

According to Apple's policy, classics are considered to be licensed for licenses within a period of seven years that are less than five years old and are less than seven years old and do not expire.

Apple stores in Canada, Europe, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific, while pursuing North American products in operating projects, do not recognize the difference between classic and outdated products.

To contact the classic iPhone iPhones in California, the owner is contacting AppleCare 1-800-APL-CARE or Apple Store. After the launch of a seven-year period, depending on where the device is to be purchased.

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