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Inclusive Art: Festival Expressway 2018


At today's afternoon, XIX ExpressArte – Artistic Expressions, displaying music, dance and theater, promoted activities developed by institutions of disability and started functioning until December 9.

With the help of the Central Council, the annual festival organized by APPACDM in Sethubal is in the municipalities of Setubal, Palmela, Mota and Montejo. The festival is organized in collaboration with disabilities and drama groups. Use artistic applications for dance, music, therapeutic, and social inclusion.

At the first show held at the Louise Toddy Municipal Forum, about two hours, the group of music, dance and dance groups of the APPACDM values ​​in Sethubal group.

Groups at various centers in the field of employment have demonstrated the perspective of big animation moments "Even more distinctive", Walks, this year, "In the greatest service of the Setúbal council, there are better jobs and workforce", Jose Salaasar, the president of the SEPUBA APPACDM, emphasized.

According to Social Influence, the Counselor of the Portro Pina Portfolios, "The commitment of the Zebabal Municipal Council to return the result of some activities to take over the Luisa Toddy Municipal Forum".

Municipal Council Mayor pointed out "Doubting the financial support this year is going forward this year itself"What is "Programming in the city has a unique place".

For this reason, the Pedro Pin of the municipality "I will try to create better terms and support the Express Auth".

Jose Salazar is associated with the unity of the festival "This is one of the few events in the county to promote art and culture"He added: "One of the great goals of Sethulabad's APPACDM".

The show was officially launched Marathon started with dozens of municipal tools, schools and associations with hundreds of people's intervention "Employees, customers, and family of friends.

A video presentation on Grugo Singulidudes was launched at the Cento de Actives Occupational 6, presented the Dance, Music, Theater performances of the GRPO SFFI from CAO 4. Gruppo Rodangka, a member of the Special Education School of Social and Education, and a member of the critical group, formed the Disabled Initiative, Withdrawal and Social Rehabilitation Center.

Talent Moments, CAO 3, CAO2 Moves, CAO 1's Fun and Dance, Congratulations to the audiences, Laughing, Coire Voice of Light, CAO 5.

Before the official opening ceremony, XIX ExpressArte – Casa do Largo – Pousada de Juventude de Setúbal included the appearance of artists, music animation, theater, and dance moments. Users, relatives and employees of APPACDM de Setúbal.

At the same place, the staff of APPACDM, which opened on December 3, was inaugurated on Saturday at the workshop of family and friends, "Cá dos Nosso" was inaugurated.

Within four weeks of the Festival, theater plays, poetry workshops, music moments, fashion shows, photo contest, Charlotte film – munificial auditorium, cinema series, workshops painting, dramatic expression and circus tissue.

The "Christmas tree" party concludes on December 1st, from 6am to 4pm, at Michael Gaikkomati Work Museum, music, dance, and poetry.

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