Monday , August 15 2022

Ip winds up strong winds and rains, but "muddy rain"


Today announced that there will be some parts of the country, "dumping the rain," the national capital on the day of the predicted weather events, at least, "the Portuguese Institute of the Atmosphere and service medreanealajisrraya madalena readris of Incheon, (aipi'eme) is considered. This is in accordance with, the wind carried the dust from North Africa This phenomenon, "very low." Today, many of the warnings issued ai.pi.e.em.. But, most importantly, the sea, the wind, rain, etc. related to areas more desatanattinatuttettum to "Deshabimani".

The "mud rain" warning of the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) A "bad quality air" from North Africa, the APA said, "the atmospheric event, the mudflow of the so-called" muddy rain ".

But, according to the DNA's IMPA weather forecast, the soil should be removed from the soil before reaching the national highway. "[A poeira] Before arriving here, hurry up. If any [chuva de lama em Portugal] That's a lot less. "It's going to be much more important today than it is in today's atmosphere, but the wind and the sea will end that day. "

The only orange warning for pilgrims and coastal districts every day goes from Saturday to Sunday from 20:59 to Sunday evening.

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