Sunday , August 7 2022

Italian Gastronic Week combines lunch, classes, and cultural attractions


The Italian dominance of the Consulate General's General in Italy dominates the Terrazzo Belderer, the third week of Italian gastronomy. Cultural programs and the Italian Institute of Culture in the Consulate and prepare cooking lunches (entry, major dessert, $ 100) and classes. The wide variety of food items on the south side of the European country will last until December 1.

– Offer the show of Mediterranean Italian gastronomy, highlighting local diversity, and the contradiction between tradition and contemporaryity – says institute director Livia Rapani.

Chef Roberto Serey (20 Michele Stars) performs in classical, classical, classical, classical classical classes in lunch and lunch.

Valentino Libro, chose the best pizzaiolo in Italy, a Nepali pizza class from 26 to 28 August 2014. From the time of the Burger to Cook, Napolei's Flavia Pantallio, 23, royalty valuable dishes. Italian cows from Rio, Palo di Bella, Casa du Sardo, Karin Marco, da Carmen, Netrio, and Javo Diamante from Bahia.

Event movies will be shown; A musical concert by Pietro Rafi, the acupuncturist, 20 night; Exhibition depicting materials from the Eds Teresa Christina; Happy hours with drinks, pizza, wine, and DJ. Cultural attractions are free. The schedule is in

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