Friday , January 27 2023

"Like Me": premiered with public celebrities in the second season


Gabriela finished with the winner of the first issue of "Like Me", but shortly after Reuben Rua and Lua Pivoani opened a creative studio again to the new digital influencers known to the Portuguese people.

The first contestants to remember were Elisabeth Mottino and Tiago Rufino, both of which were two different editions of "Secrets House". Two contestants declared that they got the opportunity to show themselves in a different way in the Portuguese in "Like Me".

Later, Vania was in the company of Cristiano Cristiano and quickly clarified that both are still not the best friends. He remembers that former contestants of "House of Secrets" had made many discussions during their participation in the reality show.

Wilson Tiksira and Rita Rosendo also accept this new challenge, accept the good expectations of this program.

On the other hand, Nun's Jesus and Bruno Fernandez have convinced that they want to be influenced publicly and positively. Nuno has also announced that he wants to replace the existing stereotype on the reality show, which is often associated with criticisms and discussions.

Philippi Villarinho and Isabella Cardinali were the last competitors to be introduced, and when Isabella Cardina says that she does not like the word "impressive", Philip Villarinho states that she is in the challenge to learn from her colleagues.

In the end, the presenters entered the air that other competitors would be interested in a creative studio.

(Again) see some of the most important moments of the second season's premiere of "Like Me" in the videos.

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