Monday , June 5 2023

Microsoft also confirms Xbox, One and Keyboard release with Fortnight


After several rumors and tests Microsoft was last confirmed When Xbox's owners receive native mouse and keyboard support. The nightly (10/11) disclosures of the "X018" conference were disclosed.

As we know, these new experiments have been experimented with partners of the "Insider" program, now Redmond Giant November 14 (Next Wednesday) All Xbox One owners can take advantage of the feature.

Microsoft still took the opportunity to clarify itself It's not all competitions The new mouse and keyboard functionality can be matched. The developer's decisions still all depends on everything.

When Microsoft launches their games to innovation, the mouse and the keyboard can only play a few games. One of the main titles to include in the list Famous and praiseworthy "fourfold".

According to the Epic Games, Wednesday (14/11), the game will get an update to add native feature native support. Check the list Other titles to get work In the near future:

In November, Vermont 2, Ward Thunder, D-Morf: Defense and Deep Rock Galaxy will be supported. Children of Death, Wejour, Warsaw, Wararov, Daisy, Myanmar Masters, Milestrain

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