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NASA Confirms Dragfly Mission – Yahoo Baby We're going to send Titan to Drones!


NASA unveils its new main interplanetary exploration project yesterday: Target Titan is perhaps the most interesting place in Saturn's moon and the entire solar system.

Unfortunately, Titan has always been ignored, NASA has disappeared through Mars for decades, and recently on the Moon.

It is not that it is wrong, Mars is unimaginable, but NASA does not have a slight haste They started out After heavy pressure, speaking on human missions, and also searching the new moon program for further delay in the Martin project. They are delighted to send robots, but without great innovations. The Mars is 2020, the next NASA Martin Robot. Does It Feel Curiously? And that's it.

Mars 2020 does not even have life-finding experiments. Well, NASA still does not believe that it is time to send resources to directly monitor the presence of micro-organisms in Martin soil.

The idea of ​​Mars's imagination ultimately saturated the audience, making a false impression that Mars was "simple". Not that, only one third of historically successful missions have been successful, and the Russians have never achieved a successful mission for the red planet.

Now Mars leaves the stage for a moment, in which Titan was given the route to the moon, which was finally visited in 2005, when the European investigation landed on Hugens Titan. It was the longest landing and engineering feat ever. Here is a video description, with the last moments of actual images landing:

Titan is the perfect world with mountains, oceans, climates, winds and lakes, unlike the moon.

Titan is the only Solar System in the world (outside the Earth) where humans can live on the surface without surface, but it is good to follow the advice of motherhood and the jacket is Titan with average temperature of -179 degrees Celsius. Colder than the former heart.

However, there is very easy to survive. Human settlement does not require the Wattertight Chamber, the atmosphere of the atmosphere, or anything else. Titan's atmosphere includes 98.4% nitrogen, gas, which is reasonably feasible for breathing, at this time 78% of the air is the nitrogen you are using. It would be sufficient to add continuous oxygen to the housing environment and prepared, airy air for the system.

Of course, do not forget the heater. Again, 179 degrees C

At this temperature many gas freezes, so the Titan ponds are composed of liquid methane. This, of course, looks kind of scary, imagine that you get on the planet and a full sea is a flammable combination. Titan is not just free oxygen in the atmosphere, if you have a fire, you have to bring your own oxygen. It really is against the Earth, but it works perfectly. Cody propane also uses oxygen burning in the atmosphere:

Yes, despite its size, Titan is still small. It is larger than the moon, bigger than Mercury but smaller than Earth, but its atmosphere is much more crowded, which is 1.45x.

What is the benefit of this? Two.

First Advantage:

Very crowded atmosphere acts as a good shield against radiation, and Saturn is radioactive Cousins. Future colonists with this protective level will be able to wear accommodation with space waves, vehicles and general thickness walls without risks of odd children.

Another advantage:

Terminal speed It is very easy to stand on the Titan, only that Hughes was right before. You have a gravity of 0.13 g in surface and a density of 1.45x in the atmosphere is densely populated world. Anything to enter again (okay, technically moving) will be reduced effectively, but at the same time, humbly, because gravitational pull is very weak.

When an atmosphere falls on the planet with the atmosphere, it becomes continuously dynamic by gravity, but the faster the arodyanamic drag gives more feedback, until the two forces are canceled, acceleration results in zero, and constant speed.

The Terminal Speed ​​of the Parachutist on Earth is 200 km. / Hour (before, before opening parachute). The speed in the titan is 24 km / h. Terminal velocity on Mars is 869 KM / H, ie: very serious and less environment suffers. So human probes need many balloons, supersonic parachutes, retrophobes and public brushes on the ground.

Made for Dragonfly

This combination of fewer gravity and thicker atmosphere provides more benefits. Titan is the only place in the Solar System (for now) where a bird can use artificial wings, such as a bird.

Of course, this is something for a distant future, but now we have things that fly that will benefit from the Titan's conditions:

That's right, Drones!

The ability of simple home drones such as Maize Air is the concept of pure science for people living 20 years ago. But my toy trick (none in the picture) is also stagnant, so you can stay stable and make it easier so that anyone can drive stupid.

DrugFlie will choose current technology and will run it all in 11.

Draun will have eight quad-cylinder engines, so if you lose one of them, you'll still be able to stand up to the faint rear of SHIELD aircraft carrier. It flies at 36km / h. With a maximum height of 4km, fully autonomous, because with 4740000 meters ping it will be difficult to fly a remote.

Powerful !!!

Hugens left for only 90 minutes after landing, for one serious reason: it did not have much power over the battery. Although the Sun on Saturn is not very weak, the solar panel on Titan will be more inefficient due to the clouds. The road to Dragon Flying will sort the energy in different ways, and in the same way it works for the Curiosity: Thermometers, the popular MMRTG.

Obviously MMRTG can not feed alone draggly, each rotors have a diameter of 1 meter, and it still provides the power of navigation systems, high power radio and the main component of the probe, the heat system. Designers, who had never heard of their mother, forgot to include Cardigan.

During this day the dragon fly will fly and rest during the night, which will last for the last 192 hours in the Titans. During this time you will recharge the battery, transmit images and data to the earth, run AVAST, and do what else it will check when it does not work. Maybe all human beings are planning a death?

Ye Science!

Dragonfly will have a set of scientific instruments, it will recognize soil composition and air samples, analyze samples for signs of biological processes, will perform geometric experiments and will use all types of cameras from panorama to microscopes. If there is anything on the surface of the Titan, we will see!

The main milestones are areas where the Orbital Problems Titan: Identifies a strange and composed alien in the water.

It is not known to have meteors or crevolons that bring water from the interior of the Moon, but these regions are the main point where life may have grown, if Titan has not developed its own biologic oxygen, then it is a good plan. As we know.


It's an annoying part. Did I mention that Titan is away? Yes The dragonfly does not exist yet, it is purified as a design, and then built. 2026 plans to launch, which rocket they will not yet determine, this usually happens for 3 years. Until we do not know that it will be SLS, Jeff Bazos' new Glenn, Starships of Alon Musk or Rocket Brazil will project – I can not finish the joke.

Arrival already, only in 2034 I said, it's too far.

The really tiring part is that when we reach a certain age and do not seem to be more than 15 years. I am surprised that some scientists are cutting their nails. Well, a few things, if they get upset, then immediately create an Appestine Motor.

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