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Need help quitting smoking? Try one of these applications | Spirituality


Would you like to quit smoking for a long time, but do you always get an excuse (though not always easy)? Now it's hard to get rid of: We know that leaving a guy is not an easy task, so we've chosen five mobile phone apps that send you inspiration messages, and you save it. Use of common sense is your Saturday, November 17th, your own day – The Smoker's Day.

Cristina Maurer Tender, director of the World Health Organization (Tobacco Control Program for the World Health Organization) said. 80% of people wanting to quit smoking "can only win 5 percent, without getting medical attention," says Patriae Diaz. General Practice and Family North Zone Association (AIMGFZN) in a statement. In 2016, more than 11,800 Portuguese people die each year and up to one death every 50 minutes each year. Site Of the National Health Service (SNS). Are you scary?

If you are a smoker and you want to stop these alphanumeric numbers, take the phone and install one of these free applications:

How much cigarette you are more inspiring than how many hours you can smoke, how much you smoke and how much money you have saved? This app tells you what it's doing and still improves your health – that is, without getting into smoking. If you are going to quit, just ask for help and give you advice and inspiration to face that desire. Do not worry, there is no ceiling limit for help.

This app is for you or for someone who wants to help you: there is a program of smokers and caregivers. If you stop smoking or want to reach that goal you can install it. Calculate smoking cigarettes, save money, save time (yes, smoking takes an important part of your time). This application allows you to sign in with an emergency button Chat Talk to people who are just like you: above all, unity is power.

Quit smoking to make money to make good strategies for a mini-vacation. This one Application Lets you target, keep track of time remaining to perform them. For information about smoking, your promotional messages, and changes in your body: how much do you know how much your app is awake again?

If you do not do anything, you can try hypoassy. Stopping smoking means a lot of tracks – you should start listening before you leave – "Plan" your subconscious will tell you why you should leave a feeling of inconvenience. Maybe you have to replace it Playlist Because of these bands Application It is recommended that you hear too many times.

If you can not control yourself with this Application You have to learn. The desire to want, desire, desire and desire, daily goals, and control of smoke are some of the things you can get. Also, how easy you behave like smoking is trying to find out what it is. Then, give two clear options: smoking or resistance. You are after reading this sentence.

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