Tuesday , January 31 2023

Nokia's chief executive says that HVI's 5G technology is not secure


Nokia's Chief Technology Office, Marcus Waldon, made strong comments about Huawei and 5G technologies. During a visit to Weldon, England, Hwaii's 5-G deficiency is a lot.

Weldon did not elaborate but said that the decision of the United States to ban Huawei from its business is allowed. For the director, this decision only contributed to a beautiful market because Weldon believes Huawei has an unjust advantage: capital injection from the Chinese government.

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It is important to note that Nokia and the boiled rival. Not on mobile phones but on infrastructure. Companies like Nokia and Ericsson have threatened by Huawei because with the presence of the Chinese giant, they can rarely participate in the 5G agreement in Europe due to the price.

Huawei is an expert in infrastructure and has a strong presence in the European region. The company must implement the 5G to continue its successful business.

Nokia is the presence of Nokia Telecom in the Chinese market

Reactions to Huwei's dispute have rumored that Nokia will withdraw its telecom operations from China. However, Weldon quickly denied these rumors.

Weldon says that the Chinese telecom market "is very important for Nokia." Moreover, the director believes that Nokia will play an important role in the development of technology in China.

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