Saturday , February 27 2021

"Piano, in my case, is my voice," says Rhuy Murina – Culura

Recording recording of classical training sessions in more pop-ups does not become so noticeable with fresh water. How do you see these critiques?
– read well. Even though I am a classical background, I do not have classical music. My music is part of a neo-liberal movement for other musical influences and references. For example, this disc breaks up even my previous work. Now, along with electronic and academic. Some people like me & # 39; Maasto Pop & # 39; But I do not have a thing.
Two years back, he was driving in the atmosphere of Cindra to make Senthira's second album. What is the goal now selected to write this new creation?
– this record is & # 39; third & # 39; My studio was born in the studio first, and went through many places. He started in Porto. We went through Berlin and arrived in New York. This was an inspirational triangle [risos].
"He says he will reflect his music's melancholy, and why do you reflect this last year?
"What I mean is that I can go with something to my music. The first single, The Tree & # 39; s a great sign for family, friends and my childhood memories, but there is more about faith and about what I believe.
"What do you believe?"
"For example, I believe that I will always be a good son and a good father, and I believe in a place in the world.
"Is your music as sound as you can guess?"
– No. I am very upset, so I make music, try to calm down. When I get back, what I see is: the interactive and this thing, almost utopian, I look for time delays.
Instrumental music continued to be bad. Is this a disappointment?
All of the voice. I hope more and more Western music will come with people in their daily lives. We still walk from the stone, but the public is happy. Piano, in my case, is my voice.

Rui Massena was born in 1972 in Vilnova de Gia. When she was six years old she started studying the piano. He graduated as a conductor at the National Superior Academy of the Lisbon Orchestra. In 2000, he became a conductor and art director in the classical orchestra in Madirah. Invited by the European Capital Capitol in 2012, Geémaras designed the design. He has ordered 30 additional orders in 14 countries. He was the first Portuguese conductor who led the Carnegie Hall. His first solo album was released in 2015.

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