Wednesday , June 23 2021

Portugal is the largest surplus money in the European Union country – the last minute

The European Union country, Portugal, is the largest return trip for immigrants in 2017, according to Eurostat.

Theogo Warsim – Journal de Negosys

3,076 million euros It was sent by the Portuguese to the Portuguese (the Portuguese and the rest of the country) and immigrants (foreigners in the national desires).

In the European Union in 2017, Portugal recorded the largest surplus in the European Union.

Portugal is not only the country's largest surplus country, but also a member states of the European Union with 2,117 Million Euros and 1,437 Million Euros. Other countries. This figure represents a slight increase In the year 2016, 3,343 million euros was registered.
On the other hand, immigrants in Portugal have sent 518 million euros to their countries: 103 European Union and other European Union countries and € 415 million from Europe.

According to the European Statistical Office, Portugal's estimates do not only connect the money to the workers, thus eliminating personal transfers of non-workers.

The European Union overall, the balance amount is negative: -22 billion euros. In other words, European immigrants pay more money to outside Europe than European immigrants in the European Union (10.7 billion euros), rather than European Union immigrants (32.7 billion euros). Euro).

The rest is from Europe's 10 billion dollar committee, Spain, Britain and Italy. Most Asian (20%) went to the inflow of migration money. South America (19%), Central-South Africa (14%), and non-European countries (13%).

Most transfers are from immigrants from their countries.

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