Thursday , February 25 2021

Portugal Mayor is a revolutionary and innovative proposal in Portuguese music. Joaill Gill-Showbiz says

Portugal Mayer, created this year for promoting and preserving the tradition of Portuguese music artists, "the overall influence within the state apparatus", "influences all existing support" and "enrichs".

"On the last day of the Portuguese Music Conference, Joaquo Gill said," Our suggestion is revolutionary and innovative and it helps in all parts of the state.

The Portuguese mayor laid the foundation for this translation in a discussion with mutual and agents about the possibilities of Portuguese music internationalization. "We all worked together to do a trick."

"Portugal Mayor is ours, all parties, agents, managers, publishers, representatives and musicians are a way to work with music," said Jovai Gill.

By option, the project is not less visible to "do not be hurt by materials" and "protect interest areas".

"It requires a number of partnerships to be successfully shared, and we have already met with the GDA Foundation [Gestão dos Direitos dos Artistas], SPA [Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores], Portugal why … Aspipp has a great desire, in thousands of activities planned, at least 200, musical presence ", he continued.

According to Joeyo Gill, "Task is an open manifestation" and musicians "carry the carcasses and weapons in flight", and one of the greatest difficulties in internationalization efforts.

The musician said that an application and online radio would create an online platform called "Keep It Music, Found It's, Michelle's Estate," "Keep Our Traditional Tradition, Keep, Keep". Geocomete, Fido, Cavacquo Museum and Almejjeo Kant of Serpent.

This mission is to "allow people to talk to each other" and bring about the "Portuguese people around the world" and "a social network in all areas of music".

"We face a serious problem moving from the Portuguese [emigrados] In our concerts, "said Leo Joao Gill.

The "20 million people" are "an extraordinary human resource", where immigrants and children are scattered all over the world.

For the Coordinator of Portugal Mayor, the plan does not intend to create "a taste for the taste of tastes". "National Letters"

"Every effort will be made to expel all & # 39; s all in the next year with musicians and agents presenting at the Portuguese Music Conference.

The Council of Ministers, which published in the Diary of the May 2, created the Mission Structure of the Meridiano Project. It was later transferred to Portugal May, new technologies, information, communication platforms, and public diplomacy to publish in external cultural activities. "

The composer and music composer Joaquin was executed.

The goal of this structure is to "promote contribution to its interpretations" to protect and promote Portuguese music and knowledge of the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition to associations using a musical sense to create and control a "digital platform" with the Portuguese professional musicians, cultural groups and abroad, particularly the "Portuguese community".

This platform must be used to create information on the constitution of an online radio and "promote communication, cooperation and promoting their networking, national and international projections between musicians and organs."

Tourism designs and musical agents aim to organize and implement tours, art galleries, exhibitions and other music programs.

According to the diploma, the dominance of the structure ends by the end of 2020.

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