Tuesday , October 26 2021

Problems with Windows 10 Update on October 10


The 10 October update of Windows 10, which is yet to be released, has been destroyed for failure. The problems are involved and new ones are revealed every passing day, which shows that there are serious problems too.

After the pre-release, the 1809 production was again marked as having problems, now it affects Windows Media Player and many 32-bit applications. The solution is on the way, but it will still take some time.

October Advanced Windows 10 Microsoft Windows Media Player Apps

It's hard to know the October update and all the problems that were happening in recent times. In addition to removing it after leaving it, big problems have been accumulated in this version, which prevents it from being installed and properly used.

Windows Media Player Problems in Windows 10

The most recent failure to be identified affects Windows Media Player and is preventing many users from using this medium player generally.

For a set of file formats and set, it is no longer possible to use the secs bar to put these files at a specific time.

October Advanced Windows 10 Microsoft Windows Media Player Apps

There is a problem updating 32-bit applications in October

Another problem with Microsoft is also described and usually affects Windows. It is impossible for users to set some 32-bit applications as standard to edit some file types.

Microsoft has announced that it is addressing this issue and will soon leave the patch for this issue. In case of 32-bit applications it should not come later this month. In the case of Windows Media Player, this update does not have a date to determine the public.

Microsoft has already had 2 more issues with a large number of problems accumulated in the update of Windows 10 on October 10. Microsoft is known for changing policies, but then these problems will remain in existence.

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