Friday , June 18 2021

PS against the confidentiality between the Treaty of Altice and Investraga

PS Councilors in Karam de braggers will file a complaint to the Commissioner for admissions to the Secretariat in order to get acquainted with allies and investment brags.

At the end of the executive meeting, in the ordinary conversation with journalists, three PS members, led by Ricardo Rio (PDS / CDS-PP / PPP), had been reported to secretly confer a secretive understanding. The assumption of aliases and municipal companies sponsorship treaty rules in the Broad Forum is that the socialists assume "unbelief" and think "the cat is" in the sponsorship of the said sponsorship.

Ricardo Rio denies the allegation of lack of transparency, to face charges of PSS. It explains that "the agreement signed in the light of personal law" and the "protecting parties", confidentiality for the aliment and investment bragging.

"We have given us the documents that we have demanded for months." The agreement between the Mughal Agency for Economic Dynamization (Investa Braga) and the Secretariat has been signed, "socialist councilor Aroor explained. Dirty.

For that Socialist, "This creates unnecessary faith and defame it, leading to doubt that the cat is here."

Miguel Corey, head of the PS list of municipal councils of 2013, concludes that the confidentiality agreement is "What does this executive function and public management represent?" Inverbraga is a public company that deserves to be examined by the opposition. "

"I understand this agreement and wants to be ultimately confidential, that armed imperialism is not the treaty and that we can not transfer it [vereadores da oposição] The burden of confidentiality to protect the rights of Alps, "he said.

For this reason, phiyu councilor, councilor PC will receive an "authoritarian means" karutunnatinetire action to manage the municipal management: "We will give you access to the Commission of the administrative complaint document. This is a sort of scrutiny. Analysis of a public sector organization that works under the Municipal Corporation V This helps to kalanam, "he assured.

The municipality president does not raise the question of transparency in the process: "No transparency, when all the standards are respected, the rules are lawful, the rules are clear and scrutinize, not only the public but the mayors.

The new name for the brand "Alto Foraz Braga" was signed under the law and was celebrated in the process of public procurement.

"He contacted the councilors and joined him, but he would respond to that confidentiality of the contract. [da InvestBraga que, entretanto, deixou o cargo] Carlos Olivier does not use the terms of the deal publicly, "he explained.

Asked about the cause of confidentiality, Rio referred to Ali's will.

"We wanted to do so in a private partner and we realized that this is asymmetos, and I believe that if the terms of a contractual agreement are publicly disclosed, they will have all the chambers of the country that they wish to sign the agreement with them.

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