Wednesday , May 18 2022

PSPS denies Rui Rio's allegation in the case of Jose Silvano


PS president Rui Ray had said that he would never allow "friends to protect" secretary general Jose Silvio in the wrong presence of Parliament. Rui Ray said he would never allow "friends" to protect Jose Silvana at a meeting on Monday at Wise, a PS statement from the Communications Office says.

"This asset liar has made a claim by a public Democratic Party, a declaration of Soldore Democrat, a statement issued by the Soldomor Democratic Party, in contrast to the public's work, saying," It did not, as Rui Ray and his public life stubbornly oppose, "he added.

"The PDF chairman explicitly states that the lack of adherence to moral principles does not make the opportunistic advantage of condemning the media, but rather to appreciate the facts,

On the same note, Rui Roe says, "If he uses the weakness of the third party to maintain cowardice of his statue, he will be a black spot."

"José Silvano's explanation and exaggeration in this case have been recognized and accepted by the audience after Ruio made this statement."

Social Democratic Bureau responded to a news release by the news agency. The meeting was convened by Rauli Rio, to "seek friends" to justify the support of the Secretary – General and Horse Silvano.

In the past four hours, Rui himself said that she did not raise any questions about the controversy over the past week against Lussey.

In the face of this challenge, one terrorist was questioned about how Silvano was innocent of the case. He was giving the ethics baptized when he applied for party leadership.

In his reply, Rio also analyzed the controversy. The Secretary General acted contrary to the adoption of unauthorized assistance.

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