Friday , August 19 2022

Rain, strong wind, and oceanic weekend – observer


Climate scientist Christina Simmos has commented on climate change, stimulating climate change, weather, wind, strong wind and sea discomfort.

The Meteorologist of the Portuguese Institute of Sea at Atmosphere (IPM) says that mild changes occure on Friday. Moderate wind, clouds, frost, morning and evening.

"Saturday and Sunday are worsening in the weather, we have a approach to the continuity of continuous rains in the afternoon after Saturday afternoon and Saturday," he said, adding that wind and sea strikes could lead to more terror.

Cristina Cimos said that heavy rains, especially coastal waters, have a sea of ​​four miles and a wave of four meters. Monsoon is Sunday.

The temperature will continue until Sunday, with the temperature going down. The minimum temperature is 2/3 degrees Celsius.

IPMA provides a decrease in weather in the beginning of the week.

"We hope that the temperature will continue on Monday without major changes, but the air pollution and wind are down," he said.

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