Saturday , February 4 2023

"Raul Alkarnon goes on trips to Portugal"


The W 52-FC ports are strong on the bottom line of their Sunday, and the Vihans have been linked to UCI, but José Gonçalves (Katasha), Joey Brando (Effeel) and Nelson Olivier (Movistar) are also more biased.

Raul Alkarnen (W 52-FC Porto) expressed his desire to fight for a trip to Portugal on Saturday, a few days before the GP. Despite being victim of Cleveli Factor in ABMOTA, and Gome spoke to his colleagues that this Sunday will run the national championship in Malaga. . In Spanish, they say, the priority remains.

Antonio Carvalho said: "He has been my leader since the last two years, I have no doubt that he will win again," which repeats: "I do not even think I am going to Paris in Peru." Jacqueline Silva, who goes to the Qinghai Lake in China, agrees: "She is a gentleman, her name is all that." It was a snub, but soon it came back, we have one or two that we can live. "

Rui Vinhos, who was suggested by the UCI for the use of betamathason in Volta, Portugal after the violent crash, was canceled and this Sunday it will be in line for the national championship.

The dragon, which has six titles but the last one in 1982, has the biggest names but it is not a favorite in 193 kilometers. Jose Gonsalves (Kutusha) wants double after winning the Cron – "It is a goal, because I have not won" – and Brother Domingos (Kaja Village) intend to refinance; Nelson Olivier (Movistar), the biggest quote, and Joey Brando considered to win again. The leader of the apple says, "It has a technical zone, but it is difficult. Circuit is good for a strike."

Sporting Tevira also dreams with Diego Machado and Frederic Figuírdo. Fredrico says, "This is a good course for me, with a critical final climb."

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