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Reduces Vaccination from Pneumonia


Today's World New Monument Day, November 12

SPMI's Internist member and Vasco Bareto

As winter and low temperatures are approaching, the number of influenza and other lung diseases is increased. In some cases of adulthood or chronic illness, it progresses to more severe conditions including pneumonia.

Pneumonia is a lung that affects the lungs. Gas exchanges break down more precisely with lung parasites, lungs, lungs, and bronchines in breathing.

This disease is developing, in most cases, through the breathing of the bacteria and lungs and other microorganisms present in the mouth. In rare cases, antibiotics can have a immune system in a hospital that can have a number of microorganisms in the diagnosis, as well as in infectious diseases, inadequate or infectious diseases in relation to other patients.

Other commonly ill patients suffering from aging and children (such as chronic obstructive diabetes, diabetes, HIV infection, kidney failure, immunization, etc.) affects other risk groups, including smoking, alcohol and drug addicts.

The larynx pains and pain, chest pain, fever (in most cases), shoots, headaches, headaches, muscles are difficult. Generally, the possibility that these complications can be expressed at a glance very quickly.

It's important that a diagnosis is accurate. Because all the diseases that affect this disease have other diseases of the lungs system. In addition to the most serious cases, patients are required to face primary health care. Doctors decide to decide whether treatment can only be initiated based on symptoms and physical examination. The patient usually forces patients to go to hospital.

It also focuses on general actions like control of symptoms, rest, proper food, and precise fluid use in the treatment of antibiotics, according to pneumonia. Depending on the hardness of the patient, he is determined whether he is suffering from the patient's illness or whether to admit him.

In cases registered by police, the emergence of pneumonia in the majority registrar continues with urgent importance in our country. This is due to the gravity of the clinical film or the weakness of the patients.

A healthy lifestyle (including healthy eating, exercise, smoking, and some alcoholism), and most importantly vaccine vaccine against vacuum vaccine through vaccination. In the hospital atmosphere, respect for the laws of controlling infections is essential (use of hand sanitation, protection equipment, and respect for wards in wards).

There is a lot of resistance to indirect immunization which occurs during the Portuguese. Therefore, this dangerous disease is essential for the importance of vaccination, awareness, especially risk groups. This year alone, the National Health Service will provide 1.4 million doses for vaccines and vaccines purchased by drugs purchased.

There are large steps in reducing the number of cases of pneumonia already available to take the immune system. Other health experts in the Portuguese Society of Internal Medicine want to continue or encourage intentions towards people, or continuous training of the interniste.

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