Wednesday , May 18 2022

Revian R1T764 HP's electric pickup truck


Press release

American Automotive Technology Company, Rivian, has taken the version of this year's Holl of Los Angeles (USA) model R1T, 800 kilogram cargo and electric trucks ranging more than 640 kilometers in length.

But the influence of R1T is the performance of the games. Equipped with four electric motors (one for each wheel), with the power of 764 hp in the most powerful alignment, the model 0-96 kms. Can accelerate in less than three hours / hour and cross up to one meter up to water. . This pickup brings interesting things like a 350-liter waterproof compartment such as a boot and a bucket with built-in digital digital devices.

With an initial value of $ 61,500 (about $ 239,000, or slightly cheaper than the Ford F-150 Limited), Rivision R1T will be offered in three configurations with T1 105, 135 and 180 kW. . Sales are expected to begin in 2020, but a pre-sale pickup is already available and interested parties will have to pay a $ 1,000 sign to keep their position consistent.

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