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Selling of refunded vehicles in Brazil – News


Brazilian consumers who maintained their jobs and earnings in the hard times of crisis were reluctant to buy cars in the coming months. This resulted in recovering some confidence after financial recovery.
The description of the executives of the credit area of ​​Brazil's big brands is to help increase sales this year. Despite the stopping of truckers, the 2018 World Cup, predictions for carmakers predict the results.

According to the Central Bank data released in September, motorcycle sales have grown by 12 per cent. The results of banks in the third quarter are visible. According to Brendco's loans and the Director of the Department of Finance, Landro Dinis, the interest rate, old-fashioned flats and the start of a positively positive product have been asked to return to demand.

"There is one with a credit [consumidor] More people are ready to change their cars, "says Dedza, director Rodini Barnard, who usually changes every two to three years, and returns to the market.

"We're still growing at a reasonable price, there's just a little bit of time to get the number back, there's a bumped demand and a car that's going to get into the confidence of the cars," says Andre Knowis, director of the Santander. Financing.

This year's forecast is predicted for the 3 million vehicles produced in 3.7 million units in 2013. This helps consumers reduce their base rate by 6.50 per cent from 14.25 per cent annually. This is a very strong competition across these lines, and banks transfer the least cost to the consumer.

For example, this month, banks have at least 0.89% (including insurance loans except IOF and other expenses) usually add long term loans and increase final loan.) The average monthly per-monthly rate is 1.7%. The minimum wage in the financial system, and the pay for public servants. And when customers pay an admission fee, they say that they do not want to stop installing installations. In addition, car guarantee for default.

It does not mean that banks have hidden the criteria for allowing new financing. "Banks have once again understood the credit and homework they have made, and the banks do not borrow," says Santander's novel.
Bradzick has a big growth before taking a risk.

"6 million customers have been approved to buy vehicles, and 10 million analyzed in advance," says Dennis. This place continues to grow again. "Banks need to borrow somebody to make money," said Roberto Ackia, vice president of Commercial Vehicles, Honda's automobile. It is in the interest of banks to sell cars.

"We're encouraging the rate of encouragement, good financial banks, and gradually regulating crude approval," Caoa Chery's president Marcio Io Alfano said. Ford's sales, sales and sales, said Nathan Vieira, "Ford's sales will increase by 10 per cent in 20101," says Brothers. Relatively high recognition has been a better trend in the past years, "he says.

"Unemployment continues to be strong, but it's a problem, but this industry growth is a welcome vacation, with sales going up a little faster, but it responds," Vaiara says. Check out Roberto Buutrea, President of the Czech Price, with more care next year. Since there is no higher growth in sales, he will not have much growth to get a loan.

But the new car market is unlikely to grow next year, but the banks are still hungry, but they are still scared to lose their financing in 2015 and 2016. They want to grow for health, "says Batura.

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