Saturday , June 10 2023

"Sing for the table" in Allfels


Similar to last year, this third edition and restaurant
Municipal Corporation has accepted invitation from other Local Governments
– received since last Friday, "Various Groups
Coral reefs, popular Alentejo music,
Kantet is informally distributed to the population
And then occasionally the customers, "the municipality newspaper reveals
He who does wrong will not succeed.

The project is intended for ultra municipality
Institutions in different areas
It also helps in the development of the local economy
The cantron alternatively orchestrated. "

In it
On Sunday evening at 3.30 pm and 6.30pm there is street animation in Rio de Moinos. Group Coral "Os
Cigaras CRIA ", at the Convention Center of Wal-De-Niki.

This one
Alentejo2020 – The project is being implemented in collaboration with the project
Alentejo, Portugal, 2020, European Union Region

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