Friday , March 5 2021

Stratos – Weekend Return

Alberto Bernosconi / Bloomberg

The return of one of the greatest cartoons of automotet history constantly enthusiastically buzzes the latest news for all those who are truly interested in cars around the world. The rumors have been circulating since 2008, but today's Lancia Stratos version is rising in the market.
Designed for the rally engines, the car was launched in 1973, but its bold ergonomics and beauty were filled with all four wheelers. The World Rally Circuit in 1974 and 1975 took many world ranks until 1981, but the status is optimized for the road car competition and for the everyday trips it is not as comfortable. Within two years 492 units were constructed.
At the end of production, the price of a model does not decrease, but it promotes the scarcity of the market, valued at 600,000 to 800,000 euros. The idea of ​​creating a contemporary model has always been in the minds of many lovers with technical knowledge and economics. Several plans have been announced over the past two decades, but there is no effective reality.
In totally different conditions, the car manufacturers are Michael Stoveck, and the Italian manufacturer of specialty and unique models of matt cars, or the Manfreto Automobile Torino. Both partners have now confirmed the market. The new Lancia Stratos will generate 25 new copies. Two of these have already been purchased.
Stoscheck and Mast says that the new model has the idea of ​​a modern, retro car called aesthetic and creative philosophy. It can be traveled to town and road simultaneously. On the other hand, the original design was retained, that is, the new Stratos is a shocking car, which invited attention. In the meantime, however, the creators sought technology and relief, and thus tried to meet the needs of contemporary markets.
The new Launchia Stratos sells at € 640,000. The reconstruction of the Stratos proves to be a feature of a very remarkable car market. It depends on mythical models and agrees that there may be contemporary versions. Those who are willing to invest in Stratos 25 units have a big risk. No one guarantees that a new stadium will create new future revenue …
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