Tuesday , August 16 2022

Teachers and Bills IVA's "CONTACTION"


The Left has advocated a misunderstanding on the amendments in the 2019 amendments in hundreds of specified state budgets. Workers' duration (including teachers) and VAT in Boothures.

In the case of civil service, the PCP agrees to maximum seven years. So the employees must pay the entire compensation. Full time of Career service in their pay. However, payment should be started by January 2019. The recovery is expected to be completed within five years from 2019. However, if the debates fail, this recovery must pay 20% per year to start in 2019. Determine the age of retirement age when the workers close to retirement are out of consideration.

These proposals oppose the government's stand on the establishment of a two-year, nine-month and anti-national law 18 years. However, it has not been published yet. Related searches. On the right hand side, PSC and CDS have similar recommendations on public service workers. Although both parties have asked the government to disclose information about the economic impact of the service, the amendments proposed by the CDS alone are included.

The separation of VAT is to divide the bulbouts by raising controversy between the parliamentary party and the Parliamentary Party. The PSP is closer to the CPS and the PDP. For VAT, it offers up to 6 percent of VAT coverage for all programs. When Culture Minister Grazia Fonskáka banned 13% of the bullfighting, considering the "emergence of civilization", the PS itself submitted a proposal against the government for putting forward 6 percent tax cuts. Taking into consideration the fertilization rate of 23 per cent of the fertilizer and maximum rate of Togo project. Because they are not "art", so the state can provide financial support. PAN has come up with a rethinking of the OE vote-wise approach if the bulletin's VAT is imported.

Real estate speculation

According to IRS, the PSD suggests that the tax variation of real estate benefits after the expiry of the property has been taxed. Within just one year, if private individuals sell this property, they will be taxed on every capital gain, selling it two years and 75 percent in a year. If sales are between two and 15 years, it will focus only on 50 percent. If the business between 15 and 30 years, this percentage will be reduced to 25%. Avoidance from thirty to capitalist achievements. Exceptions will be retained when resuming at another permanent residence.

The real estate assets are proposed to create a new government, not only the purchase and sale of the property, but also the amount of money spent on rehabilitation and the time it takes care of. Property. Blockers create a power for companies and real estate funds (the second one is excluded so far).

A special scheme for those above 65 years of age is a special scheme that can revive this money on other products sold out of their home.


The PSD recommends the amount exempted from IMF (Motor Rate on Real Estate Transfer) from 90 to 130 EUR. The PSS advises IMI to reduce the minimum amount of municipalities to 0.25%. The PS does nothing in this area, as soon as the budget is finalized, ie in December, this issue of the housing group intends to solve.


On the basis of the PS recommendation, separate parents can register for each parental IRS depending on the detention of separated parents. To promote savings, the PS suggests that the tax department for retirement retirement plans is in a unified or phase basis.

Other VAT rates

Pan-People-Animal Special For Workers To Avoid VAT Tax Of 10,000,000 and 15 thousand Euros, not counting for IRS (green receipts) or IRC (individual companies).

The PS recommends that the Olympic paralympic committees or sponsorships for public use payments or sexual contribution or VAT by 10% (now 5%).


The CDS is required to come back in 2016 for a refund of fuel surcharge (PSI). The same reason is the PED in OE. After the government's decision to reduce surcharge on gasoline, the PCB agrees to discuss the matter with the government and wait for the ordinance to be published.


The PCC and Be are also advised to reduce the VAT tax for six months from the electricity contracts. This is a question that continues to remain unresolved until the budget process ends, and there is no question.


Maximum tuition fees for higher education The two social support indices (IAS) are expected to be € 200 less in Euros € 856 compared with the current price. Consulted with the criteria of the BMS, but not the peacefulness of the right. Socialist Democrats are also applying for a tuition fee reduction in the construction of University Residency. The cost of the center is to raise the amount of scholarships and supporting students.

Socialists are also eligible to qualify for scholarships without further tuition fees and increase in high-density and inland areas (1500 to 1700) scholarships.

ENP has been able to set up more than 100 galleries in pre-school education.

Municipal tax on civil protection

Making a municipal fee for civil protection is indemnity. After the CPS and the BE, they declared that they voted. The PCP was working together. This indicates the level of leadership to provide financial protection. Counselors will present it as a benchmark, so that the municipal councils can ensure the assurance of income from insurance premiums in civil defense.


PS wants the municipalities to secure a private partnerships for municipal semi-public companies for municipal corporations.

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