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"Teachers who defeat and draw hair." Girilla climate in Porto Conservatory

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Conservatoire de Musicica Porto

According to parents and current and alumni's reports, music's oops are a real "guerrilla weather" in the Conservatory. "There are teachers who beat, pull hair, speak stupid, punish tables", condemn a student's father.

In a statement to the journal D Notice (JN), Father of the 9th grade Conservatory student, Aquilas Olivira has expressed grief that there are teachers who "insult, humiliate, attack with the heart" and that "everything is ignored" school

The father speaks after 14-year-old Raphaelia Oliveira, a target Conservatives denyFollowing the alleged environmental related complaints in the educational institution.

According to General, this note was approved by the General Council and was posted on the Conservatory Hall, as well as the school was published on the website.

The student was there Criminal proceedings, Which has been filed, and a Disciplinary proceedings After the Conservatory, after commenting on social networks and publishing a video with their condemnation.

"Anyone from Rafael's class talks with him because he condemned some things," Aquilas Olivira is still Jn. Has expressed regret in

"Last year, we found that some teachers were missing, but the class was recorded" and "we condemned the board", emphasizes the student's father, notes that the Conservatory's charge Did not say anything or did it. The complaint was sent to the education ministry.

Another Conservatory student's mother hurts JN, that "every day" thinks "get her son out there". "That school suffers me every day, the way they treat students and how I am treating them," this woman complains that does not want to be identified for fear "Rehab About the Son".

"Last year, A. Teacher pushing and shaking students. He said that he has to improve posture, "other mother tells J.N. if you live" Guerrilla climate"And when he threatened to claim the school, the problems with the son" ended "

The mother of an old student, diagnosed as a dyslexic, told the pain that the pedopsychiatrist followed her son said that she " Traumatic ExperienceIn the "Conservatory, so that she" was on the edge of depression and could not go back there. "

Conservative director, Jane's statements, Antonio Morera Jorge, "Not everyone knows" Complaints of violence, assert that when this "know" happens, "they can not live without resolution, whatever it is."

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