Wednesday , March 3 2021

The Ball – George Jesus confessed: "I was amazed at the prisons of Bruno de Carlo" (Saudi Arabia)

George Jesus says that a reader can read a ball this Friday in a balloon, and he says that he notices about recent developments in the attack on the academy in May last year.

– Bruno de Carvoe and Mustafa are arrested in a theme of Portugal's momentum. There is suspicion that there is a link to the attack. What's your response

– I'm surprised! It's normal. The reason for all the circumstances in Saudi Arabia is necessary to know what is happening in Portugal … But Bruno di Carua, the prisoner, was very surprised at me.

"Prosecution Do You Know This?"

– I know. let's see. I will wait.

"While the Alcocate Academy was in the midst of the attack, this situation had come in a terrible way …"

– I was very close, so it was not easy for everyone to know …

Following the departure of Sports Jose Pesareiro, The Dutch Marcel Caesar …

"I'm not familiar with Marcel Keerz, a job without a job or a job done in Ajax or UAE, he does not show me a football, I agree that I do not know him.

– How did the discussion with Sosa Zintra come when I wanted to go back to sports?

– Social Zinta has done everything to go back to the sport. I believed in the project for the club. But I refused to return to sporting time.

"Paesiro, was it a good choice?"

– Soose Sintra decided to choose José Pesiro a good decision. He did a good job at the number of days in the team, but he remained.

– What do you think in Fredricko Vandondas?

– The project adopted by Fredrico Vandondas has many advantages. He is in a symbiosis with coaches, players and football players. Balcony is a man who is not afraid to make decisions.

"Jose Pasirus's departure?"

"I think it's normal to leave Jose Pecero's decision without leaving it …"

– How did Tiago Fernandes capture the team? He battled two victories for Arsenal.

– Give up the opportunity. The child he wants to do a job, who is the best advisor at home, who is the father? He is a talented young man. Three games were made. He is very excited about some of his statements about the past … He does not remember that he is part of Jose Pasirco's team. But this is part of the youth and his intention to accept the trainer's career.

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