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The Bernado Trindade is the Director General of Tata Motors


"The Director General is the creation
It is based on the Tata International Airport of Madinah and is aimed at providing the airport
Respond to disasters as a result of action
Cancellations due to bad weather and cancellations
Tata's responsibility is, "said Bernardo Trinded.

Bernardo Trended, a resident of Madeira
Airline Board of Directors
The Republican government introduced this statement in the assembly
Parliamentary Committee on Investigation in TAP Management Policy
The relative of Madeira.

"The situation [na TAP] This is good, "he said.
Barnardo trindade highlights the growth factors of fleets and drivers
This route increases travel quality
Director General of the Treatment of the Treatment, "Ashwin
Related to the service of the company ".

Bernado Trindard pointed on the other side
Not to be a representative of the Board of Directors of TAP,
Or this might be possible, but the autonomous region is "most talk"
Meetings of that body.

"It's rightful to talk, because"
Said, "This is the region of the country that is most dependent on mobile
Ensure their growth ".

The Bernardo Trendad confirmed the average price
According to the tariff of Madeira, it suggests 101, EUR 101
The CEO of TAP, Antonolaldo Neves,
By PSS, which indicates the values ​​in the order of just 300 euro round trips.

It was emphasized as a non-executive trustee
Entry of the third company on the route – there are currently scheduled flights
TAP and easyJet run – "key" to reduce the price
The tickets, he said

Bernardo Trended, 2008 & # 39; s Presidency & # 39;
As Tourism Secretary to present the "liberalization"
There is a lot of Tata Now, "he said
211,000 covers from millers.

However, when facing the fact
The price of the company is 45 percent
In some places, this is a "structure."
Two companies are different.

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