Monday , June 5 2023

The new MacBook Air is Apple's first step in repairing new laptops


The IBF website published on Friday (9) The whole process for the dissolution and disclosure of internal parts of the new MacBook Air.

The new version of the new version of the new Apple Notebook is one of the best of the new notebooks.

One of the new finders of MacBook Air is using the same tapes used on iPhones (Figure: iFixit)

Using the new air for the latest MacBooks and MacBook Pro, the use of "Glu" (a solution with a sticky properties) can cause tapes of the same type that are used on iPhones, and keep the plates connected to the cabinet. Adhesives are not still the ideal option (because the screws are extracted and maintenance plates are very simple). Apple shows the first advance Apple has designed over the years designing their notebooks. Until then, they seemed to be in trouble – they were very difficult to repair.

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Another good news for the new MacBook Air is that the Touch ID Sensor and Thunderbolt ports are their own boards. If this is a problem in any situation, it's not just a switch to switch, it's not the whole motherboard for the newest models of the MacBook.

Proper plates for installation of doors will help repair the device's future (Figure: iFixit)

Another interesting factor that was found when opening the device is that it is an internal fan, not a 2015 model air. The 1.6 GHz i5 processor of this device is much hotter than the predecessors. (Which looks like a car's radiator), it should not create big problems when cooling and useful for several hours on a continuous basis.

In addition to Haiti, the new MacBook Air is the first of Apple's "simple" laptops (Fig: iFixit)

Despite the movements, the device still has some flashing problems, especially about memory: Selling on RAM and HDCOM board, it prevents the user from installing the best options and makes it impossible to fix it. Some of these components will solve the problem. Another problematic is the design concept batory. It's easy to remove and replace it, but you need technology to remove Motherboard from your laptop.

Because of these problems, Iophyset provided a 3 (maximum 10) rating to make it easier for a repair – even better than Apple's new notebooks, which is just as great.

Source: iFixit

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