Wednesday , July 6 2022

The Sophia De Mello Brinist honored at the ARRET International Theater Festival


"The movie is a part of the festival that reflects the DNA in this year's Fanand, a documentary by Parrot and Sofia, a great Portuguese writer and poet Sophia de Mello Bruner Andrés", "Hospital Cultural and Recreational Association of Toronto" (ACERT), Jose Rui Martin's Luza Director explained.

The 24th edition of Saturday FINTA works on up to 17th, the music, dance, myth, theater, workshops, and a show for "Show for Sofia". As the special shows have done regularly, "other celebrations were presented at the festival.

"We are already drunk for his writing [de Sophia]In this case, we are making this wonder as to the words and words of the words of Sofia de Mello Brian. Welcome to the Director of AERTT, Welcome to the Writer's Birth Century, November 6, 1919.

According to Jose Rui Martin, "The first goal was not this habit, [que fosse] It's quite normal. Local authors or libraries or halls for entities that organize exhibitions are "naturally more attractive" and "halls of the writer"

"Written, written and written by Sophia de Mello Brunière, is an incredible occasion for the poems he wrote for his poems, his poetry [esta] Not always reflected, builders of writers, and always uses a poetic environment to help them live, "he explained.

Denka Rasto, a company from Brazil, is participating in the 24th edition of FINTA. "With the support of the Sierra State Cultural Secretary, throughout the year, in other festivals and groups."

"A group of connections founded by the Clean Gate reflects the fund [a companhia de teatro da estrutura] Many shows or fruits that are national and international in their tourism [resultam] He creates cultural interactions and cultural exchange with other festivals and groups, as in the group in Brazil, "explains Jose Rui Martins.

On the four days of the Festival, the Capitánia O.TOomo Mamono, Colate Gemete, from France, Periphesia Theater in Vala Realty, Davo Music and Arts Conservation, Santa Comba Davao and Meiyonatas Red Cloud Theater headquarters for a showcase of Philanthropra Thumbo from France.

Launch of the third theater book hosted by Theater and the Puppets in Mandrake, SPINO, CD "Tiny Size", Gate Clean Theater Theater, ACERT, aimed at "a Festival with a wide variety of programs and a wide range of listeners".

"A special moment of Finto, your own personality, [é] The True Cleaner Theater supports ACERT theater. & # 39; Black & # 39; The book is released from the book, so groups are compatible with the lesson in this lesson, "the director was challenged.

According to Jose Rui Martinez, "The richness of the books in the theater is very important," because there is a lot of "pure wheat" – it changes the way in the background, creates dramatic dramatic sentences. "Beiran's creators are also" very attracting the job. "

"Every year we take dozens of books, turn to theaters, take on innovation and creativity in the stage, and those who take the book deal with it in its era … to learn a new life Completely complicated Aya satisfaction. It is quite extraordinary, "he said.

FINTA opens its doors in the preview of "Para T Sophia" at 2:30 pm on November 14th. Also, on 17th at 9:45 pm, the dance company "Currais" in Brazil at the ACRT headquarters of Tondola in Vesu.

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