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The world of John Friedman and Justin Lowe is much better than ours


There are different ways to deal with disease and social and political issues in our time. The desire to start a new start may be one of them. Linguistic ground zeroA new project by João Louro, supervisor of the Spanish David G. Troas, reflects this desire: the physical destruction (through the reproduction of the first atomic bomb in Hiroshima) is installed with a symbolic destruction. , A set of different artists. Society and Art, ironically, would like to make a revolution in the immortal period, irrespective of the attraction of destruction.

Another way to solve the problem of world is to draw a parallel reality. That's a strategy In the sleepary sleeperJonah Freeman, the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) at Lijoob, Peduro Gdanoho and Rita Marc, like the Joao Lurro Project. The third exhibition, House Wittgenstein – Art, Architecture & PhilosophyNanu Crepepo is rolling, opens on Wednesday: The house of 90 years of Whitbystein's house was developed in Vienna between 1926 and 1928. It combines art, architecture, and philosophy. The artists and architects of London Frèria, Vecaro Barata, Horacio Frutua, Ricardo Carvalho, Leonar Antuens, John Balderry, Bruce Nuu, Pedro Cabrara Rice,

Public work -
On entry, the visitor is transferred to a Victorian system. Jonah Freeman describes The Sheen's ecosystem system.

It's New York In the sleepary sleeperMayay exhibitions of the new series analyzing the concept of the video program, the inaugural video, and the picture that moves with traditional projection hide and other art forms. Apart from being an installer, several environments from architectural or theatrical paintings make it a cinematography project, a dark room with three film objects projecting.

The music was done by Jennifer Hermas, a member of the royal Troix rock group. Soundtrack will be given to famous music lovers (Hot Chip, Devendra Benhart, MG MT, Gam Gam Dance, Kurt Wille, Primal Scream, White Magic, Sun Arr, Red Chryola). Environmental moments pass through a wide variety of exploration electronic devices into a rocky crater.

"A work we created is from the universe, the different ways of the world, different ways created from us, a movie we've created, The year 2000An idea developed by Hermann Cann in the 1960s is based on San Diego and San Francisco in the California shores of the California coast.

"It's a different way of creating us, the different ways in the world, from a fictional universe created from us, but a 2000 inspired film,

In Justin Lowe's statement, a fictional character represents the imaginary subtletes: "We gave this character and body, and focused on many young wonders and every room would come to an end. Habitat Different. We wanted to meet this minority culture and society as a whole, or we'd like to think about the dominance around us. "


On February 25, In the sleepary sleeper Visitors are invited to enter the multiplex area and are distributed to smaller compartments. A Labour of Utopian Substances: Bamboo Union, King Gordon, Disco Creep's or The Shade. Sometimes the interior vehicles can be shattered buildings or unfinished monetats, in a very fun, strange, strange, intuitive and infinite mixture: in front of us, paintings, objects, computers, VHS tapes, laboratory bottles. "Many of them cover up our homes and towns," says Jonah Freeman, "that they need to take our wounds into a variety of activities, including life, clothing, and drugs."

This is the fourth time that this job is revealed. The first one was in New York. Kunstallal in Copenhagen last Charlättenburg. Lisbon is the second European city. "All the presentations of this exhibition are at the same time different and equal," says Jonah Freeman. "For instance, we have created a new room in Istanbul, the total division in Lisbon is smaller than those we have got, but here we have all the explanations we explore."

Since 2007, they collaborate on projects that are historically or fake characters, which can then be done in stunning installations, simultaneously for architecture and cinematographic situations

Past and future

Since 2007, cooperation in projects involving history and character, and later architecture and film contexts, is a project to redesign of decisive vision or psychotropic episodes. "I believe that we are always interested in this idea, which creates a reality, and expresses and expresses itself in the saving of us from a hostile reality and at the same time expressing itself.

We live in times of hyper formation and viral microprocessor. It is hard to understand universal and sustainable constituents. We suggest that groups, group identities, or lifestyles are separated by the creation or consumption of music, fashion, movie or technology. "This is okay, perhaps rather than a current revival, we are interested in a sense of memory and the prospect of the future," says Justin Lowe. "What we've done is restructuring different things from the future for the things that have happened in the past and is not going to happen in the future, though it's all the characters, but based on the descriptions and information about the world we live in."

When entering, the visitor is transferred to a Victorian system. Jonah Freeman relates that "a group of revolutionary intellectuals is in the path of the living" in the shade of the shade. Next, we are traveling to the castle's environment,Techno Hypeys It uses very complex computers, but when recycling simultaneously, it is not uncomfortable today, along with other people who help to understand,, Refer to the subtleties of Sene In the sleepary sleeper, The situation is always between reality and fiction. "After all, this is our world, a bit different," he laughs.

That is it. Our world, but when you step through that blush door, it's like we're looking at it first.

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