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Tomato compounds prevent diabetes according to scientists


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This group now recognizes what lymphocyne combination is most effective and most easily absorbed by the body

June 29th 2019 – 16:00By RSS Feeds

According to scientists, Tomato compounds prevent diabetes - Credits: Historical Credit: Historical

A combination of tomatoes can provide a new way to fight diabetes, scientists have discovered in France. The research funded by the French government has shown that lycopene, the substance that gives tomatoes red color, contributes to the inflammatory process caused by the disease.

Now 500,000 Euros research plan, more than 20 million ryes will make improved lymph nodes used in human testing.

"We know that inflammation is strongly associated with insulin resistance in fat cells called adipocytes," he said. Dr. The French team, led by Jean-François Landier, director of the Cardiovascular and Nutrient Health Department of the National Institute for Health Research, University of Marseille, has shown that lychopines reduce this inflammatory process and delay the development of insulin signaling.

"Once we detect that anti-inflammatory effect on lycopene adsposes, we think it can affect insulin resistance – and it happens.

"We were one of the first groups to show this effect and it is now based on many other studies," Landier added.

The group is now recognizing the use of diabetes patients to create large-scale studies, which lycopene compounds are most effective and most easily absorbed by the body.

At least four million Britons – and 1 in 10 from 40 – suffer from diabetes, which leads to heart disease, blindness, disintegration of the organ and premature death.

The most common type of disease develops as a result of an inflammatory reaction that occurs in the adipose tissues of overweight people. This leads to the fall of the insulin signaling mechanism, which is designed to prevent the toxic accumulation of blood glucose, which can lead to malignant consequences.

Future U Cambridge scientist Dr. Miriam Farrell – The British company, who has already developed the lycopene supplement named "Atron" – said that the latest invention is "exciting".

"By research with Cambridge and Harvard universities, we know that anti-inflammatory properties of our lycopene or 'tomato pulse', as it is commonly known, can be beneficial in the treatment of diabetes," he says.

"So far all the lycopene functions are in biased cells or settings", he added. "The probability of advancing human trials is very attractive now." Diabetes UK, a charity supporting therapeutic patients, also welcomes research.

George Liege, a professor of international nutrition at the University of Newcastle, said that lymphoid supplements can actually give benefits but there will be a new and exciting body of research for diabetes treatment.

"It has potential anti-inflammatory effect. There is some evidence that it can affect the development of obesity and there is a clear link to its benefits to reduce the loss of cardiovascular disease," said Liez.

"At this moment, we do not have much understanding about its effect on adiposal tissue [gordura] And this research would be interesting. "

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