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Vaccination in the yellow fever suggests the Ministry of Health


Early summer is the biggest risk of yellow fever. Therefore people who live in dangerous places should be vaccinated immediately.

Photo: Africa Studio / Shutter Stack

Photo: Africa Studio / Shutter Stack

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The health ministry warns that there is a large population of newly infected areas, such as metropolitan areas in Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo. If the virus is not vaccinated, yellow is also more likely to be infected.

In 2017, the vaccine was developed as 4,469 municipalities. There were evidence in the Viral Circulation inclusion in 940 cities located in the southernmost capitals and metropolitan areas of the country. Vaccination should be at least 95% of the population.

The jaundice vaccine on national vaccination calendar is distributed to the states every month. This year 30 million doses of immunization have been sent across the country. However, the vaccination is not low. It should take at least 10 days to travel to dangerous areas.

What is yellow fever?

Yellow fever is an infectious disease caused by a virus and mosquito bites. Infection can be divided in two ways: urban fever, when transferring AIDS AGREE, Or wild soft drink, when transferring Hemegosus And Zebedee.

The disease has been sharpened and treated as hemorrhagic because it causes the jaundice of the body and bleeding in different degrees. This viruses are common in South America and Africa. Although it is considered a dangerous virus, most people create cure without symptoms.

Although the Flavivirus family, jaundice in dengue and Sikya virus is part of the category of arbiviruses. Learn more about yellow color.

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