Wednesday , September 28 2022

While Apple was falling, another technology was coming … and almost the same – trading


On August 2 of this year, Apple became a "trillion dollar baby" – which reached the market capitalization of the billion dollar. This type of status was first listed in the US to reach. In a short time, Amazon walked its footsteps. But in the technological sector, its sparkle was lost and one collapsed, which cost much from these companies.

However, in many recessions in the technology industry – Apple has often taken the lead, whose fourth quarter financial results and current estimates of the current quarter have disappointed investors – a prominent player is standing for his ability to attend. It was Microsoft.

And with the least amount of devaluation in Apple's market and low-cost devaluation in Microsoft, true Nadella-led company is as much as Apple.

In today's session, four months after spending $ 1 trillion, the market capitalization of Tim Cook's technology closed at $ 828.64 billion, up 1.35% to $ 174.62. Per share But there was an estimated value of 823 billion in intraday trading.

Meanwhile, Microsoft added $ 106.47 in 3.30% shares on Monday, which made it $ 822.89 billion.

During the session, the difference in market value between the two companies was only $ 3 billion.

In recent times, Apple has done very hard-hit texts – it warned on November 1 that it is below 23 percent. Selling in the current quarter may be lower than analysts expectations. [o que desanimou bastante os investidores, uma vez que se trata de uma época importante das compras da quadra natalícia].

The iPhone's maker stopped being Wall Street's most valuable listing and Microsoft is now coming towards its market value.

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