Saturday , July 2 2022

WHO warns against misuse of the natural antibiotics of "superbags".


The main reasons for the prevention of medicines are the anxiety of antibiotics and the defense of the shelves. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that deadly "superbikes" appear.

In some countries, the World Health Organization warns that there is a risky increase in the use of antibiotic. In other areas it leads to more dangerous bacteria than washing too much.

According to Susan Hill, head of the WHO's Essential Drugs, "consumption and consumption of antibiotics are the main reasons for antibiotic resistance."

"Without effective antibiotics and other antibiotics, we lose the ability to treat common infections like pneumonia," Susan Hill says.

According to the WHO report, which was collected in 65 countries and territories, Burundi has a population of 1000 people in Mongolia for a total of 64 doctors per year.

"These differences indicate that some countries use many antibiotics, while others have little effect on these drugs," the statement by the World Health Organization.

Antibiotics saved tens of thousands of bacteria to effectively deal with bacterial diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and meningitis found in the 1920s.

But in decades, bacteria have been modified to combat such drugs.

Health issues often warned that there would be no effective antibiotics. Last year, specialized agencies from the United Nations were called to large pharmaceutical groups from countries. "Superbikes" ultrascientants.

Bacterial immune system can be used to treat patients who do not need or treat antibiotics that do not require treatment, which gives the opportunity to boost and develop bacteria.

However, the World Health Organization is also concerned about the inadequate consumption of antibiotics.

"Patients may be given full treatment or resistance to a lack of standard or synthetic drugs," the report by the World Health Organization.

In European countries, 18 people are advised for a year. In Turkey, 38 dos is ahead. Azerbaijan (eight doses) at the last place in the rankings.

However, there are four African countries, three from the Middle East and six from the Asia-Pacific region.

The main goal of this study is the United States, China and India.

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