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Winston Churchill passes Book by the Wood Albuquerque Book


Miguel Albuacque's book 'Winston Churchill in Madera' The book is launched, works with 144 pages, each whose copy is 18 euro.

The book will be presented at the Madira Press Museum in Camara de lobos and the presentation of the work to be held at 6.00 pm on November 29 will be the responsibility of Isle's Magazine's director, Marcelo di Castro.

The publisher states that it is a publishing book written by regional government chairman Miguel Albuquerque, which also has two other works published by Alitea Editores. The & # 39; Ancient Rose Garden & # 39; And & # 39; One Common Chance Chronicles & # 39; Cases of It is biased by Joao Carlos Espada and is related to Churchill's investment on the island.

It is a bilingual book (in Portuguese and English) and with the historic journey of the 20th century's most important politician, previously with many unpublished photographs. His wife and the Reid Hotel, Churchill, made history in 12 days. They arrived at the ship on the urban castle and remained closed for England to run for elections.

Two years later, he became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In Madira Island they produced legal curiosity of all the Madiris. He wrote his memoirs and his most famous paintings include the 'Camera de lobos, Madera's fishing harbor' & # 39; Drew a picture of

The island has been a mediator for 12 days

Winston Churchill made important contributions in the development of tourism on Mandira Island. Brutal British Prime Minister of World War II spent 12 days in Madera in January 1950 and left deep marks on tourism in the region.

The name of the politician is most developed in the Council of Camra de Loobos in the west of Funchal, when it mentions special numbers. The photographs that show it two and the AILET painting have become a brand image and sight point where they mount the painting isle, now its name is now.

"Churchill's visit to the Palace Hotel was a marketing campaign because English was one of the main guests of the hotel. During the 50's and 60's, this initiative had a major impact and the hotel returned to the golden age with the presence of many legends," historian Alberto Vieira told Lusha to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his death in 2015.

According to Alberto Vieira, "Madira's history is not only for the native people, but primarily for the outsiders, because she is often the one who contributes much to the world's confirmation of the church. Churchill is one of them. Its presence has had a major impact on tourism , And (…) produce the fruit that is still ludicrous. "

The Ridge Palace Hotel addressed the invitation in the summer of 1949 to be reopened after World War II, and Winston Churchill reached the island on January 1, 1950 on the "Durban Castle" ship. He also had his wife, his elder daughter, two secretaries, personal servant, bodyguard and Colonel Friedrich Deakin, who advised them on the text of the memoir.

"The manner in which Madiro received this great man is well-publicized in the evangelists and in the ministry, which was made from the famous photographer of Raul Partrilo, in which Churchill is sitting on Belverre painting in the Bay of Camera de lobos," Alberto Vieira noted that , Its aim is to "rest and not pay attention."

"I do not know that it has received an official reception from the local authorities, because I think he wants it. Otherwise, it is natural that they pay tribute," the historian said.

Winchester Churchill's presence in Madeira was widely publicized in the local press. "Obviously, even if he wanted it, he did not pay attention. Alberto Vieira said that he is the same as today's 'Super Vedita'.

Winston Churchill received one by the Consul of England and the Governors of Reedes Palace in Madiara. Interview reports said that he commented on the journey to the hotel: "Many people in the world have greeted me for which I have done something, but in my life, I have never received much enthusiasm from those people whom I have never done anything. "

Once it was settled, most of the investment in the room continued because it was bad weather.

On January 7, 1950, seven kilometers from Funchal. In the West, Camara de lobos traveled to the Rolls Royce car of the Leacoc family. At one corner, at the entrance of the village, he mounted Isle and Canvas, sat down and painted the base and the elate. Photographer Raoul Perello has immortal this moment and currently, the place has been appointed by Mirador Winston Churchill.

By January 16, 1950, Winston Churchill had to stay in Madiara, but in February of that year due to the expectations of England's general elections, the date changed. Because the wife and daughter returned on the date of the original date, they left the island on the shipyards of the English company "Aquila Airways".

Winston Churchill died at the age of 95 on January 24, 1965. He was twice the British Prime Minister (1940-19 45 and 1951-19 55) and went down in history as one of the great politicians of the twentieth century. In 1953 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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