Monday , September 27 2021

Wires from around the world will come from cars. Portuguese engineers – The Economic Journal

The first curved instrument panel in the world is placed in the cockpit of a mass-produced vehicle.

This Portuguese is in Portuguese, because "a part of this new solution marks the creativity and knowledge of the Bosch Car Multimedia engineers in Bragg," in a statement from German multinationals.

"The length and breadth of people's homes is so long lasting that this is the first way in the first production of the Bosch country," said a statement from Bosh.

"The days of the flat control panels have ended, with the world's first curved dashboard, the Bosch van compounds have moved to a new level," says Staffen Bernce, president of the Carmultimedia Division of the Boss's Carmichael Division.

According to Bos Pradakayaka, this innovative "curved" device panel makes its debut in the Innovation cockpit of the new VW website.

"The Volkswagen wheel drive is built on a high-phone and a fully-configured curve monitor.

Bosch pointed out that a large group of specialists, especially the development of this product in Bragg, is now in charge of designing the future product design and design.

"Makes it clear that all parts of the painting, commodity mechanical engineering team. Braga Bosch's car multimedia obligation to our customers to ride send the Association." Lozano Bosch's car multimedia systems Instrumentation Mechanical Engineering Group, the group's leader said to Carsten Store ASEAN.

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