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World Diabetes Day determines cummings and screening activities – George Diaryonline Regio Sul


The Diabetes Center for Portemois and Lagos, and the Dietetics and Nutrition Service in Algev University Hospital will encourage various activities to mark World Diabetes Day.

The activities addressed to professionals and users are "to create awareness and alertness on the risks associated with the disease", the statement says.

The activities will begin on Tuesday, 13th, to be launched in schools. The Manual Teresa Goris Secondary School in Port Mormon is aimed at students aged between 10 and 17 years of age, and school children, food labels are important to reading and eating healthy food.

Diet education is an important factor in preventing and treating diabetes, from 14am to 5pm on Wednesday at Portham's unit hall, reading food and food in the diabetes world. At 15:00, in the process of awareness for users and professionals.

On March 14, the Portomo Hospital Unit will give importance to dietary supplements for diabetics, including diabetes, vegetables, vegetables, sugar and sweets.

14th, but the most prominent approach to diabetes consultation in ferroves is to provide advice on the preparation of mid-white for professionals in the Detective and Nutrition Department.

At the age of 15, he concentrates on health problems, participates in insulin therapy and can attend various sessions throughout the day at the hospital in Porto-Mau.

On 17th, in Angijajur, municipal market, the dangers of diabetes will be displayed on a screen.

The Center for Diabetes and Dietetics and Nutritionists professionals in the lugos hospital will fill in a questionnaire and find other factors such as cancerous glycemia or blood pressure. Provide health care guidelines to users with high or high risk of developing high diabetes in the next 10 years.

At 2pm at Aljisar, Espço + is aimed at patients who care about the patient, their acquaintances and their family, the daily "The Treatment for Diabetes".

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