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90 international experts, founders and investors conduct practical presentations before participating in 1000 web pages.


90 international experts, founders and investors conduct practical presentations before participating in 1000 web pages.

This event has been dedicated to IT professionals and IT entrepreneurs and has been organized in more than 40 exhibitions, 6 master classes and 20 demos. Experts from Revaluate and Finch will discuss new trends such as Fidel, Elroy and KPMG. About Block Strike, Druid, and UPP about artificial intelligence about Strike Mobility, Blow, Tollify and Aidder; The innovation is designed with startups, including corporate restructuring and co-marketing master classes and discussions; Within the Startup Academy, internationally known investors and founders will share their expertise with start-up entrepreneurs. Graduation Machine is a section that best introduces KPMG, Omnionvert, or Planable Specialists to develop distribution, sales and marketing processes in respect of startups; Top Human Resources subjects are focused on organizational development in technology companies.

On opening day two days ago, Udan was founded by the founder and CEO of Diana Dennis. The founder of Rudoic Unicorn and CEO, TOSSHIP will talk about the wonderful route of CEO and CEO Christian Lang. He will present the latest trends in the distribution network. Chris Willy (formerly Cambridge Analytical Research Director) – Technology on Democracy, Dan Thomas (Renewable Consultant and International Architect), JJani Kabanov (TAXIFI) – Masterclass Corporate Startup, Julian Lukasvichs (Fajord / The Dock, Accessory Innovation) is one of the most important moments of the conference agenda. – MasterClass Value How the innovative system really works: Your best pitch deck is Andrea Petis (Fitite), Mihai Rotoru (formerly a cuver taxi), and Teodor Bladers (Fitches) International Business, Boutique, Their experience in investment and investment. .

STARTUP Spotlight will announce its winners on its last day of birth. Prizes: 50,000 Euros Investment Inspection (GADMinder.VC), with over 10,000 dollar tokens (ARD), ElRong Network, TechCrunch Discontinental Berlin Packages, and final selections for Silicon Valley 500 startups. In addition, 2018's Web Finite Innovators 2018 will be presented. This will be supported by Unicorn Bank. This will introduce the best promising Romanian Startups developed by innovative products for the financial industry.

In the two days of the conference, the office house program can be registered for individual meetings with consultant like KPMG, DLA Piper, Orange or cleverbridge. At the end of the first day of the conference, a party organized by the interlude club and other wonders waiting for the fitness Versa Smartwatch Fittet party's most active partner. The website of 2018 is the Orange, BRD, DLA Piper, UPPAT, Fitbit, Metro Systems, Citech, and Penalog.

The new How to Two edition will end the talk entitled Pultenuu's, Climmer, Cyclist, Blogger. The first novel to cross his cyclist Americans, 3 years 34,000 km The soft skills needed to overcome difficult moments that any entrepreneur will face in their career.

How to operate 2018's website in partnership with KPMG Urmania, DLA Piper, Tauship, Gazzard, Orange, Eureon, Clever Bridge, Metro Systems, European Investment Fund, F6S and Adona Romano. BitDefender, Uni Credit Bank,

How to know the web

How the web started in 2010 was one of the most important technical programs in Central and Eastern Europe. The Conference, which starts this year, is run by ANIS-Employers Association of Software and Services Industries. How did seven new additions to web versions? More than 5,000 entrepreneurs, investors and technology entrepreneurs took over the Startup Spotlight program with over 200 startups.

More information can be found at the event web –

About ANIS

The 20 years of activity in Romania, which was founded in 1998, the interests of the ANIS Romanian IT companies, support development of the local software and service industry, companies involved in the outsourcing projects and intellectual property rights are increasing by creating products.

More than 130 members. ANIS sums up with all the major IT centers and companies with the headquarters of the Rumana or foreign capital that will ensure the representation of the association at the national level.

Over 38,000 employees. ANIS members create a highly qualified job in the community.

2.5 billion dollars sales turnover Annual membership Annual membership of the main actors area in terms of local economic transactions.

More information on the Association website –

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