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A critical day in the PSD Gabriella Faye, not only many ministers, but in the list of those attorneys


PSF Executive President Livig Drugnu, PJ The president is preparing to attend the meeting of Booker Street Mayor General Gabrielle Fiera.<! – PSF Executive President Livig Drugnu, PJ The president is preparing to attend the meeting of Booker Street Mayor General Gabrielle Fiera. ->

The PS Executive Committee will meet at Parliament Palace on Monday. Some Socialist Democrats will discuss rehabilitation of some vice chairmen.

The PSP Polish Bureau meeting held on November 13 ended. PD P. PDP hopes to take action against people with disabilities in Viorea The president said at a press conference with President Livi Dignon. It has been declared as the Primary Health Center for each Ministry from the Government objectives of the project.

"At the meeting of the Executive Committee I will evaluate in each ministry (…) I take into consideration all the points of the Governor's Program and the general evaluation of the administration, together with the evaluation of each Ministry,"Said Denzi.

A new justice minister, perhaps deputy eugenic nicolas, sources from the party, transport, economy and other ministers for tourism will be announced.

The Executive Committee of Social Democrats will be included in the discussion on the situation of the Agence Mayor General Gabriela Fieria. BSF infringed, The members are the President of the PhD Headquarters Bookerstost at the next meeting.

Mayor General's Gabriela Fayon, Drugne, will be discussed in the Executive Committee next week, at the end of PSPPA at the end of November 13, when asked: "In grid tests?" Faye said. There was a change in the CEX on the issue of government redevelopment. Members of the PSF Leadership Forum can support the work of Social Democratic Ministers by answering grid tests prepared for this purpose.

The political police who had discussions with the Mayors in this area have no political mockery regarding the corruption in the Major's office, "she added. Gabriela Faye's CEO

Liviu Dragnea said: "We are talking on CEXN".

Whether Gabriel FIA should be removed from the party, the PSDS The President said: "God prohibits how to lose such a man, I will not support it …" "With respect to humanity, I do not have enough respect," Dragnania added.

On November 15, the Spanish DS delegates were asked to quit the party's head, Gabrielle Fia. During a recent visit to Madrid, he made a statement in Mayor with the members of the Romanian community of this country.

On Friday, November 16, the Gabriela Faye of PRD, told the next meeting of the Cixix, "waiting for judgment" that has been left without political action.

"I'm waiting for my text. I have been waiting call by the Executive Committee, and see what happens there. I do not think that is too big surprises. I understand that my situation is already tirumaniccuvenn, but I have to go. At least the start, I realized that tatparyamennan to continue the political pravarttanannalillate – bustarasinre President bukkaresrr, and ilphv. (….) and are awaiting my fate, lift up my head. I continued to be a simple party member, wanted to pi.dablyunayute"Said Fia.

At the same time, I am sure that the Mayor-General Socialist National Executive Committee of Butterat will be summoned when the votes for future meet.

"I'm now convinced that if there is enough votes to remove Gabrielle Fiyah, it does not call the CEO and the PhD is surprising where the current president does not have a single statue, no word, no word from a colleague", Mayor said.

Who asked about the SPSP organization in Spain? Fiyah said that the challenge will be raised against them. Their representatives are likely to be called a bookstore. "

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