Saturday , June 19 2021

A devastating fire. People have been advised to stay in their homes! More than 10,000 square meters of circumference

Thoroughbred of the Torgovist's furniture factory on Thursday. Fire consumers using ISU Dâmboviţa foam and wind. The first alert to the RO-ALERT system was the ISU. Dumbboy released.

Fire fighting in Târgovişte furniture factory needs more power. 15 trucks were crashed. A warning has been made by RO-ALERT. Burning in 3000 square meters in a roundabout.

They built inside and outside materials. SVSU Four vehicles from Targowitz and OMVV Pettom are collected by ISU. Dombivita added 11 special vehicles.

Furthermore, IGU reported that four vehicles from the IUE Book-elfo fire and two other vehicles fire.

The fire burners are highly recommended not to leave houses for those living in a blazing factory

The General Inspectorate for Emergency Cities (IGSU) said that residents of a factory in Tegoviste furniture in their homes stay in their homes and closed their doors and windows.

Firefighters say firefighters are recommended. Abide in the habitations till the fire consumes; To avoid moving to a shotgun; Open the door of the door yard to prevent the smoke of the fire from the door. Discard the manifestation area and identify the safe, residual places.

The fire takes place at the level of four halls having a total area of ​​10,000 square meters. The hall also houses furniture, mobile facilities and burning material inside the halls.

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