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A new couponland is created in Constanta. Works started, hypermarket (photo gallery)

There is a constant fire in the entrance to the Ştefăniţa Voda street in Bolleurd. The construction site of the future Cubland Hypermarket, which is believed to be the largest employer in the Consulate.

Thus, Aurel was not from the Avenue. 222 Construct a Conference Hypermarket, SC Coupland Romania is the beneficiary of investment, limited participation. General Designer SC Briscoic Consulting and Development SI and CONCERATOR SN CONCRETE CONSTITUAL AGO.

These works have been realized from Constant City Hall. 1125. The building permit number is 1125 on September 12, 2018. The SC Maraimimo Residence SNC 1125 is provided in 1125. Parking and Multifunction Building Residential Complex with P + 1e – Construction of joint bases D + P + 11e (Duplex production 11) Leisure), Hypermarket Type Hypermarket P + 1e + Etp; Building Office Building B + GF Adv. Roads, walkways, walkways, green places, urban centers, outdoor playgrounds, fencing; Site building – phase I, building and hypermarket type P + 1e +; Roads, pedestrian passengers, overpasses, hite spaces, urban furniture, outdoors and site organization ".

CoupleTura Romania SCS, in Trade Register Data

Founded in 2003, this company is based in Bucca. 4,411,857 equity shares of the company have been closed to 1,563,694,476.51 shares. The value of one share is 354.43 Lee. Coffron Romania SCS is controlled by German-based SCC Cowfield Rumanian Vendendeldt, 99.9% share capital, and Booker-based SC Coullant Romania SEC, 0.1% of share capital. Empowered Members: SC Coupunta Romania SFI Representative Lord's Gabriel Ludovic, Bignenheimer Nicholai, Ter Harlow Rudolph, Marko Volcor Hall And Mary Gabriel.

The couplant Romney SCC operates retail in major retail stores selling food, drinks and tobacco. The company had sold 13,263 employees in the financial year 2015, which stood at Rs 9,173,630,241, while that of net profit was 648,918,179. In addition, 14,070 employees were also recruited for the year 2016
9,691,424,899 Lee and 751,923,130 are profits. According to the financial year 2017, 13,519 employees and 10,086,636,311 lines and 796,767,482 profit.

Maritimo Residence SRL in Trade Register Data

Maritime Resources SIC joined the Bookcream headquarters in 2006. The total share capital of the company is 17,520,583, with 175,205,830 liabilities. The value of a share is 10 L. The company is managed by 0.000285% of Grant Via Roma SL's shareholders of Stock Capital Capital in Spain, which is owned by Strabo Capital SO 99.999578%. Komsomol Antoine-Virginia0.000137% of share capital. Representatives of Anthony Virginia Comsse Workers from the Roman Empire, Jose Aguagnaga Cardana And Pablo Marin Lopes Owner. Maritimo Residence SRL handles its own real estate purchase and sales.

In the fiscal year 2015, the company with zero workers announced a turnover of zero and announced a loss of 1,572,270 lei. In addition, the company did not have employees in 2016, sold zero, 213,511 lee loss. The economic situation of 2017 is as follows: zero workers, zero turnover, loss of 251,800 lei

The Maritime residence supplier from the Environmental Protection Agency Constanta Environmental Agreement "Shopping Center Hypermarket P + 1 + 2 Levels, Roads, Pedestrian, Green Spaces, City Furniture, Outdoor Sports, Site". Maritime Residency Energy and Environment Agency "Real Estate Disease Peace 11 Floor Construction (11th Dowlex), Environmental Journeys, Greenhouses, Urban Pettahs, Playgrounds and Construction Places". Two buildings areolate Boulevard no. To be built in. 222.

Information from the project is submitted to APM Constant

"This project will be built in place of commercial activity, collective housing, entertainment, services, and construction of buildings will be set. Hypermarket and shopping mall is easily the most attractive urban opharayatinal want to log in, in connection with the setting of the buildings in the neighborhood keansrranrikkayi Investment is aimed at developing business, parking, children's parking, playgrounds, commercials, a hypermarket type, and commercial space, as per HCL, 236 / 25.05.2005 and Urbanism Certificate Number Native Cues 3772 / 12.12.2017 " Indicates. Epsilon Residences SE for analytical materials site 39,709 sq ft area 247769, North – Ştefăniţă Vodă street, south – Ii 220665, IE 221107, west – I 220080; Split bouardard; East – 221106, IE 221107. There are an area of ​​76,050 square feet including an area of ​​13,620 square feet. The building consists of five buildings: S + P +18A, a building D + P +11 E, a building P + 1E + Technical floor – Hypermarket shopping center, sqft, entry roads – 6.366.79 square feet, Parking sites – 16,987 sqft, green areas – 9,671.65 sq ft. Directly from Ştefăniţä Voda Street from Outer Wally Avenue Avenue in Constantin.

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