Monday , August 15 2022

A prosecutor in Slovenia was fined by policemen who stopped him in traffic


The prosecutor said that to a certain extent the police would be given serious knowledge to retain a magistrate. According to the ordinance signed by the prosecutor, the registration plates were amended and the prosecutor's office was delayed.

"Would be a severe punishment, created a dangerous precedent, not only of the authors, and other bad gardukalkkum, the controls for the material, for example, in front of the other judges abuse, threaten or magistrate why, in the same or similar functions in any paranetireyum, the risk of a pratip Varttanattilute prevented, "says the ordinance.

"On the contrary, it receives permission from a magistrate, the magistrate is likely to be amended. The amendment to the magistrate, the magistrate chance to make the amendment. The amendment is to adjust the magistrate, the magistrate is likely to be amended. Any everything, accusations, lack of, or lack of this purpose, Mensch On the basis of arbitrary power, performance, and later, based on the personal justification, to terminate the magistrate suspended, a police official to allow the utilization of, and in protecting public order plays a vital role in protecting the social systems of the niyamanirm'manamantralayattin malikasvadhinam Conflict against each other ", the amendment to the policeman's order.

The prosecutor charged Mihai with a fine of Rs 2,175. But the process was delayed, and the agents would have suffered a hardship. According to the prosecutor, the police refused to take him to the prosecutor's office for several hours.

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