Friday , January 27 2023

Adrian Nessse responds to the Congress after the Congress. "A Balanced Management Formula Dansil-Tidorovi-Fifro result was"


"Further, I saw the behavior of the PSD Congress closely, as a result of which Balanced Leadership Formula Denisla-Tidrovici-Fifor. It was good for me and the proposed political program." Apparently not enough people will need recovery efforts in the team, "Adrian Nastass Started posting from the blog

The former PSD leader was reminded of the importance of preparing for the presidential election, and the need for a careful planning of the party was also recalled in the event that a nominated candidate would lose the election for the Palace of Corrosion. "What should a candidate have a profile? Which political parties or forces will support him? What will happen in Parliament if the right candidate will win in the presidential election? What will be the impact of governance, preparation of local and parliamentary elections? Will the Governance Alliance need to expand? Which relationship will be built? ", Nastass wrote.

"I find it interesting and useful to raise Liu Placio. A big party, such as PSD, is required to cover the center-left and traditional left-wing voters with a more explicit national element, by Ploviano. Adrian Nosteve of Pliviano said that Livio Placesoau This has turned to the left-wing, more revolutionary voters, who have unknowingly got a good score in the PSD internal elections. , The former Prime Minister believes that in the past, the responsible institution for the management of the responsible party and staff should be re-activated in the Sankai Institute, suggesting that Levi Pleciano is the right director for this organization.

Worried about the improvement in the devastating relationship of the PSD with the Romans in DynaPora, Adrian Nastass suggested the restoration of the government's department to encourage youngsters to return to the country. "In order to provide paid young people with appropriate paid jobs in the central and local government, a head-hunting unit should be reinstated by the government. First of all, there is a record. On the other hand, it is a good thing to worry about voting abroad, but those who come home A job strategy can also be started for them, "the former Prime Minister said.

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