Sunday , February 28 2021

Amy Gall is a stem cellar that revolutionizes cancer diagnosis

Imim Gal in Samu Mare and Zuckerberg in Sumererberg are revolutionary how cancer patients are diagnosed. The Tech Tech is based on the system MRI and Artificial Intelligence developed by Sat Mare.

Emi Gal, a young man from the famous satu mare who was selling the brothel company, founded a new startup. Now this is about medical industry. Practically, find a way to find Emmy Gal Cancer and make more access. Instead of biopsics, it is a mixture between MRI and artificial intelligence.

It works to gain recognition from US authorities regulating the medical field to use artificial intelligence to detect the gas cancer. 90% of the examinations have so far been successful. A program was launched for New York residents who subscribe to the Gal Scanning program. The price for a subscription to MRIs and doctors is $ 999. 1,500 applications for regular appointments.

Amy Gall: A fast, accurate and painless diagnosis

Gaal offered to cooperate with the Hospitality's Hope Foundation, which deals with the last stage of cancer patients. He wanted to develop diagnostic methods that are less than fast and decreased.

"One of the biggest cancers," said Emy Gal, a tech crunch, "is not the fastest and most painful way to scan the body to find out where cancer cells are.

These tests were performed for prostate cancer. But the MRI for all cancers and the AII. This way you can save more quickly and efficiently with diagnosis.

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