Monday , August 15 2022

An exciting moment in Delia's concert! The artist conspired with an admirer of his Facebook lover's demands


An unforgettable evening for Delia France! Feelings of the concert are doubled, the definitive moment of her lover, she will remember her life. The girl was asked to marry after "Your Tongue" at the program "Awaadasiya". Both of the emotions they had experienced were commended and appreciated, Delia hugged them and offered them to the next part. "Stone home!".

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Delia said that she was publicly invited to participate in the stage. The lady joined the artist and did not know what she was about to live. Naturally, when she delivered the Delivery Concessor, she answered naturally and asked: "My Boyfriend"The artist called him.

"My dearest lover, for a long time, I realize that you are my half and my soul, I love you and love you If you want to stay with me for the rest of your life"Then he knelt down and knocked her down. As everyone expected, the girl said, "Yes!"Public applause.

"I'm Feeling Feeling To Join It, There Have Been Feeling Feelings", Delia said.

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Dealia sang at her "Academy" show with Ona, her sister.

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