Friday , July 30 2021

Before the official presentation, the new Porsche 911 comes to the Internet

New Porsche 911 (2)

The first official photo of the new Porsche 911 arrived on the Internet three days before the official launch of the Los Angeles Auto Show next week.

Machine appears in three photos of the poor resolution sent by the Funnel to the GeoPanic site. However, pixel images allow us to see that there has been no major change outside the eighth generation of the model.

New Porsche 911 (3)

The car maintains round headlights, indefinite profile and strong back, while the last wings look more pronounced than before. Stops seem very fragile and are now connected – a feature of the new Stuttgart brand model, a brilliant band, as we have seen in test prototypes with spy photos.

The Porsche 911 of 2019 will keep the engine at the rear of Excel and will be available with a back wheel drive or full traction. 911 carrier can get 385 horsepower, while Carrera will benefit from the S 450 horsepower.

New Porsche 911 (1)

Seven-speed PDK automatic transmission will now replace with eight reports For cleaners, Porsche will maintain the possibility of ordering a model with manual transmission.

The Germans criticize a series of changes in the interior, where the digital tool set and the new move are selected.

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The new Porsche 911 will be released in Los Angeles on November 27, local time will be at 8 o'clock. (6 in the morning in Romania).

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