Wednesday , June 23 2021

Bengki: Recommended to play in Bururi Greigua

Jegi Betali said that FCCB can play competitions in Pietestick or Giggry if Magazin Gabriela Fiera is paying national arya. However, he said the closure of the biggest stadium in the country and the change in the lawn should not be changed immediately.

"I'm going to look after tomorrow to give her a message and do not answer the phone tomorrow because she does a lot of work and she does not know what has happened tomorrow, she can tell her that if I do not find the phone on my phone, I will go home all that will bring a big lawn. The picture lasts for several years And if you stay on for two or three months, it will always go, and it's a turn. In a 4-5 day, one week at the week, we will take the first three weeks, and I see in the National Arena for three weeks that the game continues I understand that she does not do that Lenkil two months, three masametukkum she, she, she kurrakkaranallenkilum puralukayan a stain. I am not a woman, she lost. It is well pathippikkarilla, "said Béjaïa.

Begali was selected for the FCCB competition from Pitesti to the Nickeloy Dublin Stadium. But fans of the local team have been disappointed by FC Barcelona. Arsen's opposition was encouraged. He claimed that he did not like it, although he took into consideration the stadium and the volunteer stadium in Buju.

"If FC Arsene's supporters do not like, if they are owners, we will not go to the company." Busau told me that the stadium was full, I told the ployity, but the more fanatics do not swallow us. I told the baby, we had new results and we were fortunate. Where are we going if we are in love? If we do not see love in the company, we will not go. Go to voluntary, or zirug booth: . I do not like volunteers, it's not a stadium, it's like a stack, "Bekeli said.

He ridiculed the opposition to the transfer of Gregory di'enemayute ted: "He did very well, he is a good player, he made a big bet, we addehamuntayirunnu, and I have to pay Rs 90,000 Ted hundreds of thousands of passengers tyukkinen him. But he can not do takkeadineppeale. And the stove behind ukkyudiyan Ukayum now the best straikkaran geaneahanile in Romania. Tedum the same, and that's exciting for players, striker is too big to play back. "

After the league I matches, FCSB, Dinamo and Astra have reported complaints about the national Arena Turf team. The highest number of matches in the FCB National Arena. Own land.


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