Friday , January 27 2023

Copa America vs Peru against Uruguay in the semifinals


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Uruguay and Peru have fought on Saturday night (22:00, Romania time) for the last remaining venue in the semi-finals of the South American Tournament.

Surprisingly, Uruguay starts with the first chance in a scheduled match at Astadeo Centenario.

In Uruguay, 2011, Copa is a team to defeat any opponent without any victory in America, who feels the word for the former world champion.

Appearing in the field of Edison Kevin and Luis Suarez is enough arguments for Uruguay to make this year's favorite for the title.

Peru played in the World Cup in 2018, and now it is thanks to the modest win of the Bolivian.

The only false move to Uruguay was to invite Japan, against which "Celeste" got only 2-2.

Uruguay is the most brave team in the history of Cop America, with 15 trophies.

On the other hand, Peru won only two rows in 1939 and the last time in 1975 in the competition.

The last direct meeting took place in March 2017 and ended with the victory of Peru, scoring 2-1.

Uruguay defeated Peru 2-0 in the 2011 Copa America's semifinals, followed by Louis Surrell twice.

He has met two teams in 66 times, the victory ratio is favorable to Uruguay's (37-16).

Potential teams

Uruguay: Muslara; Caceres, Gimenez, Gaudin, Gonalas; Loader, Bantancur, Torreira, Nandez; Suarez, Cave
Peru: Gallese; Edwinculla, Zembrano, Abram, Trucau; Tappia, Yotune; Polo, Farfan, Qiva; Guerrero.

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